Top Retailers Of Women Shoes From United Kingdom, UK


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top retailers of women shoes in the UK. There are a variety of places that brides can get footwear for their very special day.

Marks & Spencer Group plc

A top retailer of women shoes in the UK is Marks and Spencer Group. According to their business website they are known for quality, value, service, innovation and trust. The business sells a wide range of products including their top line women shoes. Their women shoes come in a wide variety of styles and are mostly sold to those on a tighter budget. Almost all of their shoes are priced at very reasonable rates. They are headquartered in Westminster, London, United Kingdom. They operate over 700 stores in the United Kingdom and have over 300 additional stores throughout the world. The company was started by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer and they opened their first store in 1894. The company is most commonly known as Marks and Sparks. It is sometimes referred to as Markies or M and S. The company has a strong moral presence which includes becoming carbon neutral, waste free, becoming sustainable, improving the lives of all workers, and encouraging a healthy life style.

Next plc

Another top retailer of women shoes in the UK is Next. According to the business website they are known for exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing and homeware; presented in collections that reflect the aspirations and means of our customers. They carry a large selection of shoes including those shoes for special occasions such as weddings. Their women shoes are very beautiful and yet are very affordable. They have over 500 stores in the UK and Eire and another 180 stores located in continental Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, the Middle East, India and Japan. They also offer shopping worldwide via their website. The company also owns Next sourcing, Lipsy and Ventura. The brand was created in 1982. The company has grown out of J Hepworth & Son which started in 1864.


Yet another top retailer of women shoes in the UK is Primark. The Primark business began in June 1969 as J.C. Penny?s in Dublin, Ireland. The businesses parent company is Associated British Foods plc. Their main line of women shoes is known as Atmosphere. Atmosphere shoes are sophisticated and yet costs very little compared too many other companies. The business moved into the United Kingdom in 1973 where they currently operate 150 stores. The company also operates in Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands, Portugal, Germany and Belgium. The largest business location is located on Market Street, Manchester, England. The success of this company is built on being able to produce their supplies at a lower cost than their competitors. They also use limited designs and fabrics while still remaining elegant. They only produce their products in the most popular sizes and buy large amounts at one time. They also do not do any advertising.

Arcadia Group Ltd.

A top retailer of women shoes in the UK is Arcadia Group Limited. This business owns a group of product lines which includes Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, and Topshop. The company does much to sell the other lines in each of their locations. The company which is owned by Tina Green and her husband Phillip has over 2,500 outlets in the UK, and deals with department stores such as Debenhams, Selfridges and House of Fraser. The company was started in 1903 by Montague Burton. The Company had a large factory in Leeds. The company uses the Dorothy Perkins line as their main line. The company is currently undergoing an extensive review of its current location and anticipates closing or rebranding many of its locations. The company uses the slogan the journey of a thousand miles begins by finding your women, children and men shoes. Many of their properties were originally owned by Sears who declared bankruptcy.

Debenhams plc

Debenhams operates a series of department store businesses selling women shoes in the UK making it a top retailer of women shoes in the UK. The business was started in 1778 by William Clark as a draperies store in London. This store sold expensive fabric, bonnets, gloves and parasols. In 1813 it became known as Clark and Debenham. The business operates 147 department stores in the UK and Republic of Ireland. In 2007 they purchased the Magasin du Nord in Denmark. They currently plan to expand to around 235 department stores in the UK and Ireland. They also plan to open another 4 stores in Denmark. Their main product line is Carvela. They also sell shoes under the product lines of Collection, Debut, Dune, Faith, J by Jasper, Miss KG, Nine West, Red Herring, Roberto Vienni and Barratts.

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