Top Footwear Brands In Australia


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top footwear brands in the country of Australia for shoes. There are a variety of shoe styles available in Australia.


Rivers is a footwear brand whose business is located in the country of Australia. They have 150 retail stores located throughout the country. Rivers sells many different styles of shoes but is best known for its athletic shoes. They have a wonderful line of sandals for women. They also sell men?s and women?s clothing. They use polyurethane in most of their soles. This allows the user to feel like they are walking on foam so are extremely comfortable. They are based in Hawthorne, Victoria, Australia.


Aquila is another footwear brand. It is headquartered in Abbotsford, Australia where it was started by Tony Longo in 1958. Mr. Longo was first made only children?s shoes but then expanded to its current complete line. They opened their first retail outlet in 1975 in Melbourne, Australia. They make 100 percent of their shoes in their own factory in North Fitzroy, Australia. The company is still run by the grandsons of Tony Longo. They mainly make men?s shoes in boots, casual, lace up, sandals and slip on styles. Most of the shoes are made of leather. Most of their shoes cost between 100 and 200 dollars.

Nine West

Nine West is another footwear brand. They are a leading developer of mainly women?s shoes. Their shoes are sold through department, specialty and independent stores. Their main line is women?s dress shoes for the working people. Their lines include Enzo Angiolini, Calico, Spa, and Westies. The company is now owned by Jones Apparel Group. The company was originally known as Fisher Camuto Corporation. In 1995 they acquired the Easy Spirit line. They are the third largest shoe manufacturer in the world. They opened their first Australia store in Melbourne in 1995. They have sixty independent stores in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. The company also sells its shoes at David Jones stores in Victoria and New South Wales. Its world headquarters is located in New York City. They also operate in 64 other countries. They also sell other products such as handbags and luggage.


Converse is another footwear brand. They are mainly producers of athletic shoes but have a diverse product line. The company was started in 1908 by Marquis Mills Converse. The original shoes were made from rubber and made for the game of basketball. In the beginning Converse also made tires. The shoe line has always been marketed for those who were independent and strong enough to show it. The shoes usually show a chevron and star insignia. This was created by Jim Labadini. The shoes are usually high top tennis shoes loved by athletes for their ankle support. They normally have a fabric upper and a rubber sole. The company has been bought out by Nike although it operates independently. The worldwide headquarters is located in Beaverton, Oregon, United States of America. The shoes are sold online and in a variety of stores including General Pants Company, Footlocker, David Jones, Authentics Factory Outlet and Amart. The company currently is involved in the AIDS movement and each year creates a special pair of tennis shoes for that cause. The company loves to claim they are the funky shoe company.

Gardean Footwear

Gardean Footwear brand is the largest shoemaker in Australia for those who have problem feet. They started business in 1979 by making shoes shaped to fit the individual?s requirement. These shoes are worn by people who have diabetics, arthritis, wide feet, bunions, oedema. They also make shoes for those who have just had surgery. They make washable slippers, motion shoes, fashion shoes, and depth shoes. The company also makes removable insoles and sandals. They are headquartered in Mt Hawthorn, Australia. The company has four stores and over supplies over 60 other businesses.


No discussion of Australia footwear would be complete without mention Ugg footwear brand. The business was started by Brian Smith in 1978. It is now owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation and is marketed worldwide. Ugg?s are made with sheepskin that is extremely dense and soft. They almost all have a tanned outer surface which can be waterproofed making it great for all seasons. The shoes and boots are often made with decorative stitching. They sell a variety of footwear from sandals to slippers to boots. Their boots are their best selling products. The style of the boot was first worn by pilots during World War I. They are also very popular with surfers who use them to keep their feet warm after they exit the water.

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