Top Footwear Brands In United States, USA


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top footwear brands in the country of USA. There are a variety of shoe styles available in the United States. They include the ever popular athletic shoes. They also include popular sandals and they include boots popular by both ranchers and by city cowboys.


Nike is a footwear brand whose business is based in Beaverton, Oregon, United States of America that is involved in the selling of athletic shoes all over the country of America. They are committed to be the footwear brand of top athletes and those who just enjoy being active. They make the shoes that allow us to be active in various pursuits including running, football, basketball and soccer. Their company philosophy is if you have a body, you are an athlete. While they will probably always be known for their athletic shoes they also sell sandals with great tread. They market their shoes in company stores and also in many retail stores throughout the United States. They have been the industry leader for a long time and market their shoes throughout the world. The company was started in 1972 by Phillip Knight and Bill Bowerman who were associated with the track program at the University of Oregon. The business also sells sports equipment and athletic clothing.

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Reebok is another footwear brand. Its world wide headquarter is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. The United States headquarters for the business is located in Beaverton, Oregon. Adidas?s largest seller is the world famous Reebok shoes which they acquired in 2006. The company also sells golf shoes under the brand names Ashworth and sells Rockport shoes. They are the second largest retailer of athletic shoes in the world. The company was started in 1948 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler. The name of the company is sometimes said to mean all day I dream of sports but actually comes from the Adi from Adolf and Das from Dassler. They market their shoes online, in their own company stores and in many retail outlets. Reebok started out as a company named J.W. Foster and Sons and was the first producer of spiked shoes. Paul Fireman introduced the shoes made by this company to the United States market in 1979. The original shoes cost $60.00. They also sell all types of footwear.

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Ralph Lauren

For the younger elite crowd one of the top dress shoes and a status symbol is made by Ralph Lauren with the most popular being their stiletto sandals. These sandals made with very long spiked heels are popular for proms, weddings and other special occasions. They sell footwear brands in many different styles. The business was started as a manufacturer of polo shirts for men after Ralph Lauren worked as a tie manufacturer. The United States flagship store is located on Madison Avenue in New York City, New York. While the stiletto sandal will probably always remain their most popular shoe they also sell shoes in a variety of styles for both men and women.

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A footwear brand in the United States is the croc. Crocs are made for both men and women. They are a foam clog which is manufactured in Canada and Mexico. The shoe was originally developed in spas. Some people claim that their feet have gotten healthier with the wearing of clogs. The shoes are known for being soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant. Crocs are a relative newcomer to the industry being started by George B. Boedecker, Jr. in 2002. The shoes are made from the company?s proprietary closed-cell resin which makes them great for both wearing on land and in the water. The company is headquartered in Longmont, Colorado. The shoes are sold online, at company stores and at outlet malls. They have just recently introduced boots and closed toed dress shoes to their business.

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Red Wing Shoes

No discussion of footwear brands in the United States would be complete without a mention of Red Wing work boots. These leather work boots have a steel safety toe and are popular with people who do manual labor. The business started as a manufacturer of military boots. Most of them have a long lace up front. The company was started in 1905 by Charles H. Beckman. The company is headquartered in Red Wing, Minnesota. Many companies require steel toed work boots and Red Wing remains the most popular type. While their boots will always remain their main footwear brand business they also make closed toed work shoes popular in the fast food industry among others. These shoes have a non-slip sole to make it easy to get around in the kitchens.

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Justin Boots

Like the Red Wing boots no discussion of American footwear brands would be complete without a mention of cowboy boots. The most popular of these are the Justin boots. Justin boots have a heritage of being able to stand up to rough ranch work. Recently the company has added colored boots to its line. H.J. Justin began the business in 1879 in Nocona, Texas, United States of America. Until recently all of their boots were manufactured in Nocona, Texas. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Recently manufacturing facilities have been moved to China and Mexico. They also have a line of work shoes that feature the great Justin heritage.

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