Top Retailers Of Sports Shoes From United Kingdom, UK


This guide aims to give an insight into the top retailers of sports shoes business from United Kingdom.

Sports Shoes

Sports Shoes was established in the year 1982 and is deeply committed to the cause of selling quality sports goods. The company offers about 3000 different products to choose from and covers almost all major sports played in the country. They have sports goods for all classes of people and offers products in all price ranges. Apart from these, there are timely offers in these businesses and thus a user is always assured of some saving while purchasing. The company also houses all major brands in sporting world making life easier for the selective customer. One of the biggest advantages is however, the expert team which strives hard and advices the customers about the apt sport equipment or gear that suits their needs. These experts are available in the shop at all times. There are various options to shop as well. Apart from direct buying, i.e. shopping in person, online ordering, ordering over phone or post and fax are also available. In online shopping, there is an option to return the goods and get full refund or request a replacement if the product is not to the liking of the customer. The customer can do so within 14 days of receipt. All these assure that a passionate sportsman or an enthusiast is not only provided with unlimited options but also the adequate knowledge to serve their interests.


Established by Chris Brasher who laid the foundation in the year 1971, Sweatshop is one of the pioneers in supplying quality footwear in the form of running shoes to the customer. Just as its founder who was a champion in 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the company strives on excellence through meticulous planning and dedication. They supply running shoes to suit beginners as well as world class athlete. In order to suggest the best shoe to a customer, all the staff of the company is given a biomechanical training wherein they are taught about the various nuances of the physical movements in the body while running. The company has all the major brands to choose from and offers various methods of shopping like direct purchasing, online shopping and ordering through phone. One of the best features of this business is the 14 day shoe satisfaction guarantee where the customer is allowed to return the shoe for a full reimbursement or replacement if he/she is not satisfied with the shoe. The company also provides running accessories in addition to the shoes. The company also organizes running events throughout the country to encourage the sport. All these make Sweatshop a one stop destination to the one who is passionate about running.

Shoes International

Shoes International was established in the year 1976 and offers customers excellent choices and very wide ranges of shoes. The company not only aims at providing quality footwear but also first rate customer service. They do so by providing immediate and satisfactory response to any queries about sport shoes requested. One of the primary advantages is that the company has close ties with major shoe manufacturers and thus has a deep insight into the shoe manufacturing process. This helps the customer as the customer will be provided with all the information that he/she is looking for about a shoe or its brand. One another smart feature is called the price pledge. The price pledge is a promise made to the buyer that the shoe price will always be the lowest and/or the best price for a given shoe. If there is a price match, the company also provides an additional 5% discount to such a product. Ordering can be done online or through phone. The delivery inside United Kingdom is free of cost. The website offers various other features like glossary about terms related to shoes and shoe conversion chart. Further, the company promises to make available any specific shoe brand or style that is requested by the customer and thus makes the life of the sport enthusiast all the more easier.


Walktall is United Kingdom?s number one retailer in large size sporting shoes and the aim of the company is to provide shoes in all size at competitive prices. The company offers a wide range of shoe sizes and has all the biggest brands in the world. Shoes for people with swollen foot are also available. Ordering of shoes can be done in person, online or through phone. They have a more liberal return policy wherein the user can return unworn shoes within 60 days of purchase for full refund or exchange. There are periodic offers available that can be availed from time to time. The website of the company is very explanatory and has links for advice and tip online as well. Apart from shoes, the company also offers tall clothing. The retailer assures the customer of making available the best of the brands in competitive prices and promises to meet the customer?s demands at all times.

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