Top Retailers Of Sports Shoes From USA

This guide aims to give a good picture about the top retailers for sports shoes in United States of America.


Eastbay started in the year 1980 and is the leading supplier of sport shoes in US and the rest of the world. The company has a rich history wherein the company?s business started booming in the early 1980s when similar companies where not so successful. With about 1500 employee strength they have good collaboration with all the major sports brands across the country and the world. The company has shoes for literally all sport played in the country. They offer free delivery for order about 75 dollars. They have provision for a gold membership to customers as well. Apart from shoes, the company also provides sports equipment, clothing and fan gear. Further, the company has its own brand of footwear and clothing. There is also a special provision to return goods within 90 days of purchase and the company issues special gift card if the product is not returned. Shopping can be done directly by visiting the store or can be done through phone or online. Eastbay with its wide range of goods is one of the ideal places to go for if you opt to buy a sports shoe.

Champs Sports

Champs sports is the widest specialty sports shoes company operating across US. There are about 500 stores in United States and all of their stores have large area and have a contemporary style. All the shops have complete product group in specific sporting activities. This is one of the distinctions of the company. The product list is far more focused on the type of sport and hence the sport enthusiast is likely to find all that he/she needs once he chooses to shop at Champs Sports. They have shoes, apparel, and fan gear and so on suitable for men, women and kids. The company conducts timely events and distributes prizes in a way to encourage its customers. Apart from direct shopping in store, they offer online shopping and order through phone. However, it is very unlikely that there is no Champs Sports shop around any place in US. The company offers special membership where members are given special discount. Champs sports is hence well suited place to shop if one opts for ample product range in a specific type of sport.

Foot Action

Foot Action is a primary retailer in United States. The company focuses on selling street-inspired sports shoes. The target customers are male youth. The company has about 319 stores in the United States and the business had been spread across almost all parts in US. The company houses shoes from all the big names in the industry. With adequate shop area and inspiring design, Foot Action are a class ahead in street fashion. The company strives hard to analyze the requirements of youth and makes available all the latest offerings at all times. They also focus on getting the apparels and clothing to suit the same. There are various options to shop apart from visiting the store. These include online shopping where there are special discounts as compared to other such sites. Further, there are special gift cards available which can be used to avail special discounts whenever desired. Apart from this, they have an option for full time membership called as the star club where frequent buyers can reap great benefits. If a shoe or apparel is not available, the company has its motto to make it available at the shortest possible time. Thus, Foot Action USA is one stop destination for all types of shoes with special focus on street fashion.

Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear is a company that is extremely passionate about sporting. They offer the best shopping experience when it comes to footwear like sports shoes and have widest collection of shoes from all major brands. They have about 950 stores across US and has Brown Shoe as the parent company which has been selling shoes for over 130 years. Famous footwear has a very considerate customer service and houses almost all major brands across the US. This ensures that shopping will be a unique experience to be treasured with. They have footwear collection for all age groups with categories for men, women, children, girls and juniors. Returns can be done within 30 days of purchase. This is applicable for direct shopping and online business and shopping as well. The company also offers gift cards which can be presented. The company has a special section called March of Dimes where the company contributes some amount to families of babies born prematurely or with some health problems. March of Dimes does not endorse any particular brand making it a generic forum for donation. Famous Footwear has attractive membership options which if opted for will go a long way for a long term customer and increase the profit as well. Thus, Famous Footwear is one of the pleasant destinations to shop and those who opt for the store are promised a friendly and heart warming experience.

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