Top Footwear Brands In United Kingdom, UK


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the country of United Kingdom for footwear.


Clarks International is a top selling brand in UK and it shows commitment to its consumers by providing ultimate comfort and unique designs in its footwear products. Clarks provides its wide range of footwear for men, women and kids in various styles and designs. They have all types of footwear products such as boots, shoes, sandals, Boat shoes, Pumps, wedges, etc. and they also have casual and workwear footwear for everyone. You will be able to find footwear from Clarks for any occasion. Clarks have styles ranging from heritage designs of Originals, Kids? yoyo and doodle ranges and also Soul of Africa collection. Clarks brand was established in 1825 by Cyrus and James Clark and have been doing successful business ever since. Clarks sell more than 40 million pairs of shoes in over 50 years including UK. With new technology, state of the art facilities and growing love of shoes had made the company become the leading footwear brand in UK. Clark is also the largest manufacturer of casual and smart shoe and also the fourth largest footwear company in the whole world. They have grown to different parts of the world like North America, China, India, Western and Eastern Europe.


?Grinders? is another top selling footwear brand in UK, established in 1965. Grinders are well-known for the comfort of their footwearwith air cushion sole and exclusive leather footwear for both men and women. It has become very famous as the leading "Street Fashion Footwear" brands in United Kingdom. They have the best designers and craftsmen from England to make the finest welted sole footwear. They have patentedsole unit, which is heat sealed to the welt, making?Grinder? footwear very strong and durable. Every pair of footwear from Grinders is made flexible and long lasting with its unique air cushion sole. Grinders have a very good international market apart from the wide range of consumers in UK. ?Grinders? footwear is marketed in different parts of the world through agents and distributors working in a network. Western, Classic, Biker and Street are the ranges of Grinders footwear products.


Barker shoes have become an England?s tradition for being in the footwear industry for over hundred years. They are made from fine leather carefully selected and shaped by hand for perfection. The unique quality of the Barker shoes are unmatched with its traditional methods used in the shoe making process such as natural dying and polishing. ?Barker? has been in the business of shoe making from the year 1880, started as a cottage industry by Arthur Barker, a highly skilled craftsman and genuine innovator. Fine craftsmen in ?Barker?make about 200,000 shoes each year from their factories using the finest material. ?Barker? has become the heart of shoe making industry in UK by exploiting the local labour pool in UK. Best material quality, highly skilled craftsmen and unique design are the major policies of Barker from the beginning and by maintaining these policies all through the years, Barker have made it to the top brands of UK footwear industry.

Lelli Kelly

Lelli Kelly is the leading brand of children?s shoes, boots and sandals in UK. Owning a Lelli Kelly footwear is any little girl?s dream. They are extremely fashionable with sparkles on them making it a first choice of footwear for children of any age. Lelli KellyDryz Sole-a removable leather footbed is a part of every pair of Lelli Kelly footwear incorporating an odour and antibacterial resistant feature that makes the feet always dry and fresh making it very comfortable to wear. The canvas shoes from Lelli Kelly are convenient to maintain as they are machine washable after removing the footbed. Another attractive feature when buying any pair of Lelli Kelly footwear is that italways comes with a free gift.


Adidas, one of the leading footwear manufactures all over the world has a very good presence in UK and is among the top selling footwear brands in UK. Adidas was set up in 1949 by Adolf and Dassler to form Adidas. Adidas is more into sports wear shoes having exclusive shoes for different type of sports. Adidas acquired another leading brand of footwear, Rebook, an American based footwear manufacturer in 2004 taking the global presence of Adidas to even wider range.


In 1969, Daniel Raufast came up with a footwear collection that is compatible with the blue-jeans. The designer Jacques Chevallereau then created the first ever "jean boot" which revolutionized the footwear industry with its unique styling and design. This also brought huge success in business that by the year 1974, Kickers were selling footwear in over 70 countries.

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