Top UK Brands For Security Products


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in the United Kingdom which deal in the provision of the security products.

Adi Gardiner

This company in the UK is one of the leading suppliers of the security products to the markets in the UK. They are dedicated in terms of the provision of the security systems and products to the businesses who have that particular requirements. They are the ones who have the various kinds of products that can keep the house or an office or a warehouse location free of thefts and unwanted entry. They are the specialists in the installation procedures that are followed for the security products. They are in the possession of the 6 product divisions that is into the covering of an entire area with the security products of this company installed in the premises. They have their own team in order to specialize the security needs of the businesses in the UK. They pursue the latest in the technology of the security system aspects involved. They also provide the related equipment and systems in order to complement their security products. They cater the requirements of almost all of the needs of the big and small businesses in the entire of United Kingdom.

Plescon UK

They are a company in the UK which is a family run business in the security related areas. They specialize in the security products that are installed in order to provide the desired level of security to the various libraries that are present all over the UK. This business was established in the year 1978. They have their own premises that are located in Hadleigh in the County of Suffolk. They have members of staff at the mentioned location in the UK. The company has been founded in the security sector of the UK and run by Robert Broadhead. In the earlier days of the operations of the business in the UK, this brand was in charge of the selling of the security products in the libraries across UK the radio frequency products. Then came into the existence as a result of research and development, the electromagnetic waves along with the installation of the various accessories that came into the existence of it. The units that they make a sale of in the security systems are self installed. They also sell the hand held units as well as the reactivation units of the security needs of the various businesses in the UK. They are specialist in their products in the security aspects of any premises. The products that they make frequently use of is called as Bottle Lox. The products are patented for their technicalities and the technologies behind their implementation and also sold on a world wide scale. They make a combination of the methods towards security that are commercial as well as far off non commercial.


They are the leading manufacturer of the security products that provides the physical security. The protection services of this company have been able to help the customers in order to maintain the level of security according to their standards. They are into the best in the form of their business due to the fact that they have built some of the security products that depict innovation. All the security products of this company are backed up with a sense of guarantee which stands out behind their products and also the customer service that is of unrivaled nature. The operations of this company started in the year 1985 from the Lancaster premises in the UK. They have been able in order to cause an expansion of the workforce since their establishment. hey have the products in the security that are state of the art. They provide the clients of theirs with some optimum results.

Challenger Security products

This company in the UK for the security products like alarms and access control systems has an experience that has been able to be gathered over Over 20 years of experience in the operations sector of the security aspects that are driven by any challenges in the loop holes of the existing security systems. This fact enables this brand in order to make the provision of the electrical contracting industry that is belonging to the UK with a service of the outstanding nature that is constantly be able to be in the eyes of the market requirements of the various individuals and the businesses in the UK. The products sold by this company are surely driven by some of the very latest research and development that is able to bring out the latest innovations in the security sector. They understand that the customers require in order to save a lot of power but also make their properties and premises secure enough.

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