Top Companies In India Making Security Products


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in India that are into the making of the security products.

Digitals India Security Products Pvt Ltd.

This is a company in India that is into the business of the making of the products that instill security to the homes and offices in India. It is a ISO 9001:2000 certified company. The company has been into the business for 25 years serving the Security Industry of India. The company has depicted a lot of the proven record when it comes to the products that are made according to the requirements of various business owners and security personnel. They can be termed as the leaders in Security systems in the country of India. They have been in charge of supplying as well as installing the various products of theirs that are related to various industries like the Banking industry, departments of the police that belong to the various states, security systems to be installed across the various Airports in India, Petroleum Companies & various Power Projects that need to be having the security systems as well as the various other industries in India. They have a business that deals with the offering of the solutions so that they can be implemented for the Electronic security systems, security systems like the ATM and other vending machines that deal with cash flows, metal detectors used at the airports and hotels that are of prime importance from the security point of view etc. The regular business for this company is derived in the installation systems that are for the banks security system, apartments, alarms in order to alert the various users of the fire and security issues and loopholes, security of an organization, malls, Industries that have inventories stocked that need security systems, shops etc.

Vantage Security

This company in India that deals with the security products has over more than18 years of experience which is hard earned. Most of the products that they sell are related to the electronics industry. This company takes very much pride in its competence in the markets. It deals with specialized products in the security aspects across the various industries and is into the delivery of the high performance technology. Vantage Security is a business in India in the making of the security products. It is one of the leading manufacturer of the various items, big and small that are used in order to make the systems secure and also involved in the distribution of the security products. It has also expertise involved in the integration of the various systems of electronic security and surveillance. This business in India got incorporated in the year 1990. They stand behind their products and also their services. They have a logo of their company which has a slogan called as ?securing your world?.

They are well versed in the concept of the advanced engineering. They have a product planning team of their who work very sophisticatedly keeping in mind the requirements that various clients might have an generalizing them accordingly. The products list that are sold by this company in India are state-of-the-art with its equipment in the security and surveillance. They provide the services which involve the customization of their products that are suited to be designed according to the needs and requirements that are possessed by the customers and clients of theirs. This security sector business in India is looking forward to offer cutting edge security and surveillance solutions for all the requirements in India for the governmental as well as the non-governmental sectors. This company is in the possession of the in-house R&D team. The technical know-how that is available with is company cannot be ever challenged in the security systems. They are always equipped in terms of their knowledge and also very much capable of providing the solutions that can be regarded as world-class.

Catch Co. Security

This is a business in India that is into the offering of the CCTV - IP network cameras to make possible the video surveillance. The products in the security systems that are sold by this company are sold at the affordable prices in order to cater requirements of the various businesses to implement security in their ideas and places and also some of the products in the home security needs of the people in India. They provide a comprehensive range of IP cameras. The various technologies that are built into the security products include the Wireless IP Cameras, cameras that are installed under the domes in order for surveillance, IR Cameras or Night vision Cameras, cameras in order to monitor the speeds, as well as even the cameras that are waterproof or whether proof cameras. They are also into the business of providing consultancy services so that they can make their business in the security industry as complete.

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