Top Waste Management Companies In United States(USA)


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in the USA in the business of the waste management.

Waste Industries USA

This is a company that is based in USA in the sector of energy and environmental services. This is a solid waster services company. It provides various of the solutions that are related to the collection of the waste materials, transfer to an other location, disposal, and also the services in the recycling of the waste materials. They cater the needs of the customers that are individuals, commercial customers and also the industrial business clients in the energy sector of USA. They have their area of the services that are covered in the locations of North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee etc. The business establishment of this company in the energy sector of USA has been going strong since more than over 40 years of their operations in the management of the waste materials. They are committed in order to make the provision of the honesty, and they are very much oriented towards the satisfaction of the employees of theirs along with the desired level of the customer satisfaction.

The capacity of this company in USA for the implementation of the proper techniques in the removal of the wastes is of unparalleled nature as compared to any of the other businesses in the USA for the similar kind of services in the energy and environmental sectors. They strive in order to cause an improvement in the services that are rendered to any community in the matters of the waste management. They have the state of the art landfills, and also the stations that are specially required in order to bring about a transfer of the wastes generated across various industries in USA. They are committed in the energy sector in order to deliver the quality waste management solutions to be implemented for every industry possible. They have their principle by which they stand upon in any business related to the waste management and hence they have been able to gain the required level of trust and customer satisfaction and they take pride in the reputation that they have been enjoying in the market.

Waste management Inc.

This is a leading provider of the services in the waste management in USA and also the entire of North America including Mexico and Canada. They have a number of employees all over their areas of operations that are more than 45000 in number. They are committed in order to make the delivery of the performance in the environmental sector and energy domains. The have a mission statement for their company in order to maximize the value of their resources in such a way that it causes the least damage to the environment. They want to make the possibility of making both economy of USA as well as the environment in order to thrive. They serve the customer base of more than 20 million people. They are also the service providers to the municipal and commercial customers as well as industrial workers. They were able to generate a collective revenue of US $ 11.79 billion in the year 2009. They are very much actively involved in the industry that caters the requirements in the management of the waste materials. They use the techniques in order to create enough energy to power more than a million houses in USA every year. They expect in order to cause double the throughput of their measurements in the year 2020. They are undoubtedly the largest recyclers that is based in North America. They managed more than 7 million tons of commodities for recycling the materials.

Wheelabrator Technologies Inc.

This waste management company in USA is a leader in the world that is expert in harnessing the safe and also the environmentally sound conversion to be caused of the solid waste that is generated in the municipal sectors and also the other renewable waste fuels to be converted into cleanest form of energy. They are the pioneers in the waste to energy industry. They were in charge of the operations in the running of the first of its kind in the waste material plants in Saugus city in the state of Massachusetts. This happened in the year 1975. The environment group of this company is having the aim in order to provide the required support for the development of the energy production sectors. They provide the services in the collection of wastes, monitoring the various sources of the energy production which shall have waste materials associated with it, transportation of the waste materials, processing waste, and ensuring that the waste materials that are produced are disposed of using environmentally sustainable techniques.

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