Top Solar Power Companies In India


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top solar power companies that exist in India.

Tata BP Solar Power

This is the most trusted company in India that is in the business of the solar power. This company was established in India in 1989 with a view in order to harness the power from the sun and make it available to the production of energy so that it can be able to sustain the energy requirements of the masses in India. This company is formed in the business as a result of the joint venture of the Tata Power Company as well as the BP Solar. Both of these companies are not only pioneers in the energy sector in the country of India, but also one of the largest companies in this entire world that exist in the business of the solar power. They infrastructure that they make use of in order to generate the power from the energy of the sun are state of the art and also very sophisticated in nature. They are able to process the wafers that belong to the categories of mono and multi crystalline nature. They have some of the best machinery in the world when it comes to their module manufacturing facilities. It is the largest one in Asia. They have a set of employees which are a little more than 600 in number. The talent pool that they have ensures that they provide the best in the industry of the energy sector in India. The number of manufacturing units in India are restricted to four and also there is a regular support and administrative work that is carried out in regional offices spread across India that are eight in number.

Reliance Solar

Reliance Group, a major Indian conglomerate has set up an initiative in order to execute and also commission the first 1 Mega Watt (MW) power plant in India that makes use of the solar power. The boom of this business of Reliance was taken as an initiative in the Commonwealth games that happened in the year 2010 in the Indian capital of New Delhi. This initiative cause a reduction of the emission of carbon dioxide by a factor of 1200 tons of lesser Co2. This company in India has been able to set a benchmark in the field of energy in terms of the efficiency standards. Reliance Group in India has started an implementation of the solar power plant by making use of the concept involved in use of the photo-voltaic cells. The initiative led to the fact that the stadium was able to power the grid of the electricity. This power was readily made available from Reliance to the consumption of the public use. The weather was the one of the major factors that was involved in the making of the solar power in order to be able to be harnessed by the power grids.

Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy is a company in the country of India that avails the leading professional services to the businesses in India. This business in the energy sector, particularly the solar power was established and came into the existence since the 1998. However, it got actively actively involved in making the provision of the technical and commercial services to the businesses in India particularly in the sector of power. This company has been working in close conjunction with the business clients of theirs and on the projects that are into the existence from the point of view of the business in the commissioning in the power sector in India. Since this company has been into the operations in India, it has been actively involved in the core competencies. They major focus of this company from the business point of view is towards the commitment.

It has been able to make a display of the consistency with respect to its performance. Because of all these factors, there has been a lot of contribution of this company towards the solar power sector research and development and it has been able to gain a credibility both nationally in India as well as internationally all over the entire world. Throughout their areas of operations and since they have been in India carrying out their business, they have been successfully able to build trust amongst the customers and clients and also build a reputation for themselves in the markets of India pertaining to the solar power. Their business in an area as core as the solar power, the company has been able to make its client base bigger and bigger. They are very professional when it comes to the ensuring of the repeat services from the clients of theirs who they have catered the requirements since the past few years in business.

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