Top UK Retailers Of Computer Printers


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top retailers in the UK for the computer printers.


This company in the UK is the multi-channel retailer in the products related to the printing and published as well as imaging needs of the people in the UK. They cover the areas of the businesses that are related to the installation, manufacturing and the selling on the retail basis of the printers for the computers. They have a large retail chain in the UK which spreads as far as being more than 700 retail outlets so that they can provide the products to the customers in the UK with ease and convenience. They are into the business which compels them in order to serve a customer base of more than 130 million people alone in the UK and that too, just in a year. They have a policy through which they shall deliver any product that is ordered with the shipping done in less than 24r hours. They have 26 per cent of the sales that are brought into the company through a dedicated set of sales channel. They take an order of a particular model of the printer either online or they can also get the orders over the phone. They are the believers which they offer quality and value in their products and the services. They are stringent in the following of the standards that are set up by the people in the UK for their print related needs. Around 18 million customers have a catalogue of Argos in their various computer related products or the printing products at their homes. This may seem a little small number, but it can be verified that this many number comprises of two third of the population in the UK alone. On an average, they are into the opening of more than 20 stores in every financial year. They are committed in terms of the provision of value to all the customers of theirs, big or small. They are most considered when it comes to the people of the UK to buy the printer on a retail basis in the stores.

PC World UK

This is a retail chain in the UK which is amongst the most trusted names when it comes to the buying of the computer related items of technology like the printers and the imaging products by the customers of the UK. They have introduced a one stop shop in their premises so that the customer does not have to look elsewhere for any product that they need in the printing and imaging needs of theirs. This retail chain sells a variety of electronic goods, not necessarily related to the computers and supplies. However, printers and ink cartridges are one such product that this retailer in the UK is very famous for. They have been nurturing the principles on which the establishment of this company was made. This is because, the retail chain provides their customers with a variety of options right from the oldest, but not out-dated technology printers, to the printers that have been newly launched in the market, but have been ready to hit the retail stores. This retail chain is established with a product range that is very much appreciated and looked out for in terms of the deals that are offered by PC World UK. They are the comprehensive one stop solution for the businesses which want to get availed of the products in the categories of the computer and printer related products. They have a guarantee for the lowest price offering for their electronics and computer related products like the TVs, printers, etc. They challenge their customers that if the customers of theirs are able to find a lower price elsewhere, then for a same product inside the store or the stock, they shall refund their customers in terms of the 10 per cent difference of the prices available with them.

Comet UK

This retailer in the UK for the printers is a part of Kasa Electricals PLC. This is considered as a pan-European group that is operative in almost 10 countries all across the UK. They have a common trading philosophy that is incorporated in their sales strategies. They have based their retail chain in the UK for the computer related peripheral and accessories like the printers based upon its focus on three of the top following points which are best price, best choice and best service provisioning to the customers of theirs. You can also choose in order to buy from a different set of their models in the printer ranges. They have a friendly and professional staff that can help you in your printing needs.

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