Top USA Brands For Computer Printers


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in USA for the computer printers.


This brand of the USA for the printer products is an American Corporation that is into the business of the development and the manufacturing of the printing as well as the imaging products which includes the laser and the inkjet printers. IN addition to that, they are into the providing to the USA markets of the malfunction products and the supplies that are associated to the printing in general. They cater the requirements of the businesses and also the individual persons for the print related needs. They have their company headquarters that are located in Lexington in Kentucky. The business of this brand was developed in the year 1991 due to the investment which derived from the computer giant manufacturer IBM. This company was developed in order to become a publicly traded company in the year 1995. They have a huge center located in Lexington in Kentucky for the corporate as well as the research and development offices in the USA. They have the employment services from 13000 people from all over the world. It is in the fortune 500 companies list of the Forbes magazine. They are also into the development of the third party associate printers for the other companies in the USA. They manufacture the hardware for the computer printers under their business name.

Hewlett Packard

HP is an USA brand that is in the business of computers since the year 1935. They have also widespread branches in the field of the printer technology through which they provide the world class printing products of their own brand name. They have their major product lines in the data storage, computers, hardware and networking, computer peripheral, etc. They are also the brand names for the diverse range to be offered in the field of printers and the other imaging devices. They make the provision of the all the supplies that are associated with the printing products and the accessories that is needed for the technology products. They have the HP ink cartridges of their own brand as well as the network cards. They have their operations running in almost every country of the world. They specialize in the development and manufacturing of the computing devices which includes the desktop computers. They cater the requirements for the imaging and the computer related products that are from as small as individual home use customers as well as the supplies that directly cater the corporate offices not only in the USA, but also all over the world. They have an infrastructure in the manufacturing plants of theirs which is highly regarded to be of great importance technology wise. Hewlett Packard is an American MNC for the production and distribution of the desktop computers and also other products in the print and the imaging technologies. They provide the world class in the printing and the imaging solutions that make use of the latest research and development in the technical aspects. It targets mainly the households, small to medium sized businesses and also some office corporations for the desktop computers to sell. The printer and the computer related products that the manufacture are such that they are considered to be of providing of high in terms of their durability, accuracy as well as to be very much functional to their customers.


This brand in USA advertises its printer related products in order to be the most powerful in its class for the print related works in the industry. Dell has been able to grab a majority of chunk of share in the market when it comes to the desktop computers and is truly a top international brand and one of the largest technological corporations that is oriented towards the manufacturing of desktop computers. They consider their business of the printing solutions for the masses to be small on color and big in terms of savings. Their cost per print of a page is termed as very low according to the industry standards. Dell is the company which is able to encounter most of the sales in order to cater the market provided by the personal computing needs of the world. You can make all the features in one solution of their printer products. You can have the convenience of printing, copying as well as scanning plus faxing your pages so that you can take the full advantage of their printer related products. You can rely on the Dell printers which are known for their high speeds, the document feeders that are automatic in order to operate and much more in the features that are offered by any other competitor.

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