Top International Brands For Desktop Computers


With the computing technology making boom in these days, there a lot of applications that are run on the computers which cannot be implemented elsewhere. Also, there are a lot of assignments that are given at the school level, offices, community centers etc. that needs basic computing to put to use. It is very difficult to survive in this technology driven world without buying a good personal computer. With this market scenario in mind, a lot of major players have entered into the market with their different models of the desktop computers. In this guide, we shall have a look at some of the top international brands for the desktop computers.

Apple Macintosh

The Macintosh, are the personal computing devices that are manufactured and sold by the major computing giant in the USA called as Apple Systems Inc. Macintosh made its way in the market since a long time ago and was launched in the year 1984 in the month of January. It was one of the very first personal computers in order to be commercially successful as a desktop device. It used to feature the first pointing device called as the mouse along with graphical user interface as opposed to the command line interfaces of its earlier versions. Since the advent of the Macintosh in the USA, the computer systems started shifting in terms of the market trends towards the IBM compatible machines using Microsoft Windows.


Dell is a multinational company native to the USA making products such as the desktop computers and peripheral and selling it to the market worldwide. Dell is the company which is able to encounter most of the sales in order to cater the market provided by the personal computing needs of the world. They are customizable machines available so that you can choose to build your own machine rather than going for the recommended desktop computer specifications. Dell has been able to grab a majority of chunk of share in the market when it comes to the desktop computers and is truly a top international brand and one of the largest technological corporations that is oriented towards the manufacturing of desktop computers and other computer supplies.


This company which is based in Beijing in China is one of the most competitive and trusted names internationally for desktop computers and laptops. It is the acquired name for the IBM PC Company division. In the year 2009, Lenovo was awarded to be the fourth largest corporation to deal with the desktop computer markets of the world. It is obviously the largest seller of the PCs in the country such as China. It has more than 28 per cent share in the markets of China alone. It makes an annual sale of US $ 14.9 billion as reported for the financial year 2008-2009. The various products made by this brand are including, but not limited to desktops, notebooks, workstations, servers, printers etc.

Acer Inc.

Acer Inc. is the Taiwan based Multinational Corporation that deals with the computer technology and the electronics market sectors. It is into the manufacturing of the desktop and laptop computers in the markets of the world. It also provides services for the business users who have their specified requirements in the computing needs. Since the early 2000s, this brand of desktop computers is able to streamline its operations. They have launched a new business model, according to which they are more into the brand name rather than being just a manufacturer. They have left behind the actual process of manufacturing into the hands of the contract manufacturers.

ASUSTek Computer Inc.

This is a Taiwan based company that is operative in many regions of the world and it is a world renowned brand for the computer related products like computer hardware, printers and ink cartridges. It also makes the computer peripherals including the motherboards for the servers and the personal computers along with being a brand name for the desktop computer devices. It is considered as the top ten companies of the world for the desktop computers. The total brand value for this corporation is US $ 1.324 billion. They are number one amongst the desktop manufacturers for quality as well as service.


Hewlett Packard is an American MNC for the production and distribution of the desktop computers. They have their operations running in almost every country of the world. They specialize in the development and manufacturing of the computing devices which includes the desktop computers. They have their major product lines in the data storage, computers, hardware and networking etc. They are also the brand names for the diverse range to be offered in the field of printers and the other imaging devices. It targets mainly the households, small to medium sized businesses and also some office corporations for the desktop computers to sell.

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