Top Computer Hardware Retailers In Australia


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top retailers in the country of Australia for the computer hardware.


This retailer of the computer hardware in the country of Australia is been in the business since a period of more than 15 years. They established their business in the year 1996. Till then, the technology of the internet was still booming and was making way in the homes of the people, when the business started to flourish and gave various options in the market for the various computer hardware and printers requirements in Australia. They are amongst the very first few stores that have been established in Australia with a vision of the supply of the very best in terms of the technology of the computer hardware being in demand by the Australian people and being very efficient in catering the demands of the people. They have been one of the largest as well as one of the most recognized in terms of their business in Australia. They have a team of customer service which is very hard in terms of their service to the needy customers for the computer hardware as well as they have been very successful in order to establish trust, confidence as well as certainty amongst the people. They want to deliver a service which is fast in terms of the fulfillment as well as build a set of loyal customers so that the customers feel very secure in for buying the products which are according to their needs.

Scorpion Technology

This retailer in Australia was established in the year 1998. They are very much specialist in the provision of the hardware that is for the computer systems in Australia. They are also very excellently rated for their outstanding after sales service which is a very rare attribute to find in the computer hardware retailer. They target mainly the individual market, small business customers as well as the home and education market. They have been trusted by their customers for the supply in the computer hardware systems that they make the provision of. They understand the needs of the customers especially for the supply market that they have to be the dependable ones in terms of the services to the customers in Australia. They do not only provide the best in terms of their pricing but also the best to be supplied in for the back up support for any detailing in the computer hardware that needs to be done. They made the start of selling the quality in their products for a smaller price and also back that up with the excellence in the quality and the support. They provide warranty with the every product that they sell and they stand behind it. Since the establishment of the business, it has been encountering huge amount of growth as well as making way for more and more business towards it in the many years to come.


They are a company which is fresh, dynamic and innovative in terms of their business in hardware of the computers. They provide the value in their supply of the computer systems in Australia. They have varied nature of their customer base which ranges from home individual customers, small and medium sized businesses and also the clients on a corporate level. They have a vision and also the bottom line for the company of theirs in Australia, that is just not about the money or the profit margin. Rather, it is just about the various ways in which this business can deliver excellent value at an outstanding quality to their customers. They have a long history which has helped them succeed in their business of provision of the computer hardware systems in Australia to the business customers of theirs. They provide the services that are friendly, affordable and helpful as rated from and by their customers.

Tech Buy

This company in Australia is a specialist in the provision of the computer peripherals. This company has its headquarters and is based in the city of commercial city of Sydney in Australia. They have an experience of taking their business and sales to a very different level in Australia. They help the customers in making the right decisions in buying the peripherals related to the computer systems in Australia. They provide a one stop solution in terms of their business in the computer supplies and the communication related products in Australia. They have all the products available with them on a retail basis which they have sourced to their customers from some of the leading suppliers in computer hardware in the world.

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