Top Web Hosting Providers In India


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in India that are into the provision of the web hosting services in India.

Speed Host

This is the company providing the services in the field of web hosting in India since the year 2007. The business headquarters of this company is based in New Delhi city in India Since they have been established as a business in the provisioning of the web hosting services, they have continually offering the reliable services to the customers of theirs. He rates offered by this web hosting company is competitive in terms of the other businesses that are based on the internet related services. They have a company goal according to which they strive in order to provide the best services on the internet and at the same time ensure that the customers of theirs are accompanies with the every step that they undergo in development of their business on the internet. They can suggest you the appropriate domain names so that the customers are able to host their website on the internet. They have various procedures that are easy to be followed. They provide the customers with the convenience of hosting the website with least amount of difficulty incurred on the part of their customers. They provide various web hosting packages and what the customer has to do is to select one package from amongst the various packages. They provide their customers with the simplest form of available registration of the domain name on to the internet. They give the customers an option of using their existing business name or choosing a new one. Their payment options are easy in order to be followed and you can get your site rolling on the internet in a matter of just a few minutes. They have a huge and comprehensive control panel through which the customers are provided with a full control and management of the web of theirs. In case you do not understand how to manage the web traffic on the internet, the business executives of this company shall be more than happy in order to do it for the customers.

Web hosting India

This is a business in India that provides the customers with an efficient and reliable system of web hosting on the internet. They have a dedicated server on which they provide up to 250 GB of storage. Full root access is provided along with 100 Mbps transfer port. The bandwidth provided for the Windows hosting is 200 GB. They have relevant solutions of the requirements that the customers have in the ecommerce hosting. They have the plans that start from right upto only Rs. 49 per month which is one of the cheapest rates that is available in India in terms of the website hosting. They provide 5000 MB of the Web hosting space, 50000 MB of bandwidth is also provided by this service. You as a customer with this company have freedom in order to host an unlimited number of websites. You can be rest assured by their guarantee that the services that they will provide in the web hosting on the internet will be available for an uptime of 99.9 per cent. They are professionals who display professionalism in their service through their 30 days of the money back guarantee. They provide free options of the website builder along with the comprehensive looks in the control panels. They provide the cross platform hosting which includes the Windows as well as the Linux hosting services. They provide the domains with the free add on starting from just 399 Rupees per month.

B 4 U India web hosting

This company in India for the web hosting services is quite a professional one in India and opf the opinion that the web hosting, as and when done from the country of India starts from the services that are provided by this company. They have some of the reasons as to why the customers should prefer the web hosting services that are offered by this company in comparison with the other web hosting services. This includes the 100 per cent risk free web hosting services, they also are into the provision of the reseller hosting, they make a provision of the domain hosting on an unlimited basis which is the best in terms of the quantity that is offered in the web hosting services in India. They can be considered as the leader in the web hosting in the country of India. They have made the provision of the video tutorials on their website for the customers as well as the resellers of the domain names.

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