Top Web Hosting Providers In Canada


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in Canada that are into the business of providing the web hosting solutions in Canada.

Canadian Web Hosting

This company is into the business of the provision of the managed web hosting solutions in the country of Canada. They are the believers that they are into the provision of the great service when it comes to the internet based web hosting solutions to the entire of Canada. This company has operated its business and taken it to the level that has outperformed its own goals and has been successfully been able to become a proven leader in the managed hosting services. They cater the requirements for the Canadian as well as the American companies. They cater the requirements as they come from both beginners as well as professionals. They have established their business in this sector since the year 1998. They have a unique expertise in hosting of the internet based applications. They have helped their customers in order to achieve their business goals. The founder and the current CEO of this business in Canada is Mr. Brian Shepard. They have operated their business as a privately owned as well as profitable hosting service provider. They have their operational centers that are located in the Canadian cities of Vancouver and Toronto. The headquarters however are located in Kelowna, Canada. They also make the provision of the reseller hosting. They have employed the best staff members in order to execute their operations and the current staff members count up to a number of 30. The success of this company can be attributed in the comprehensive approach of this company to manage the hosting requirements. They have quality of a staff, and also a passion for the customer service.

Dot Host

This is a business that is operative in the country of Canada to make way for the Canadian customers to provide them with the web hosting services after a dedicated amount of planning and research. They make their services in order to provide pure performance, speed as well as the redundancy. They make the recruitment of only best of the best professionals, be it customer service to the technical professionals who take care of the business of the individuals and the corporates who provide business to this company. They believe that a friendly environment is the one which is quite a productive one. They as a web hosting company have grown and have learnt the various facts that come the hard way in the industry which is as saturated as the web hosting solutions. They have the plans in the web hosting that are designed to be custom made to meet the personal web hosting standards and also the small as well as the medium business web hosting. They have the provision of the 9 Gigabit connections over the internet. The data center over which the conduct the operations of their business contains the latest in terms of the technology which has the development of the active fiber optic connections. They have brand name equipment like Dell, HP etc. and the latest of the most efficient software. They are confident of their services to prove wonderful for the customer. They have a guarantee in their services in the form of a 30 day money back guarantee.

Global Designs

This provider in Canada of the web hosting solutions is a very cost effective in terms of the business requirements. The connections that they provide are reliable and secure. They generate the better results in terms of the search engines incorporated in the services that they provide. They have reliability as a key feature of their services backed up with the security of the data of the business customers. They are located in the city of Calgary in the state of Alberta in Canada and they find it as a great location in order to do business such as web hosting. They have the geographic advantage of being stable and make the advance networking in order to enhance the reliability that is incorporated in the connections of theirs.


They are a business such that they provide the industry leading web hosting services on the internet. They have been in the business since the year 1999 and they are into the provisioning of the high in quality of the web hosting services. They cater the requirements of the companies that are present in all sizes with the varied requirements and hence turnovers. They have a remarkable record in terms of the reliability. They also back up their services with the superb technical support. They make their business translate into a world class environment in order to develop web hosting solutions for top companies in Canada.

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