What To Offer In Travel Cruises Business?

Going on an international cruise to experience that cool and refreshing breeze passing through your face, fine dine restaurants, amazing stage shows, water parks, theme parks, etc. Doesn?t it sound like a great idea for spending a vacation? For most people it does. The demand for international cruises is on a rise and is expected to rise further in the future. Thus entering the business of international travel cruises is a very lucrative option. Many people utilize the services of travel agencies for organizing and planning their vacations on a cruise. International travel cruises business is a subset of the travel industry and is growing at an equivalent pace as the other business in the travel industry.

If you are in the business of international travel cruises and are not sure about what to offer in the same, you can read through this guide to solve your doubts. But before that let us understand what a cruise is and why people prefer going on an international cruise. A cruise is a sea voyage on a ship wherein the passengers enjoy the facilities of theme parks, rides, water pools, food, beverages, entertainment shows, library, educational workshops, yoga workshops, music, dancing, games, gym, etc. on the go. Earlier a cruise was used more as a means to reach a specified destination. However with time, cruises have become more of an entertainment option. Many international cruises return to the original point in the end.

What to offer in international travel cruises business?

Customer satisfaction has always remained and will remain the main motive behind any successful business. The same is true for international travel cruises business as well. But today?s customer is extremely demanding. They want the best services at affordable prices within time without any glitches. To satisfy these demands of the customers, it becomes necessary to offer quality services in international travel cruises business. Not only this, it will be in the interest of your business if you provide customized services to your customers at affordable prices. For providing customized services it is imperative to judge the following: the budget of the customer, destinations preferred, period of stay, quality of services expected, scheduled time of travel, number of people travelling, preferred class of travel, etc. These points shall be kept in mind before suggesting a cruise plan to the customers. You never know, you might lose out a customer just because the plan offered does not suit the customer?s requirements.

The following cruise packages can be included in the list of offerings:

? Cruise by destinations: In the business of international cruises, you can offer cruise by destination packages. Offer the customers to choose the cruise lines from the list you have after explaining the amenities and charges of all. There are some customers who are specific about the destination they want to cruise on but are not much interested in the amenities provided by various cruise lines. A cruise by destination preferred package will help in the said case.

? Luxury cruise packages: You can also offer luxury cruise packages for those who want that extremely luxurious experience. Luxury cruises can be helpful in attracting a niche segment of the market.

? Family cruise packages: In the business of international cruises, you can also offer family cruise packages, for those who want to spend the lavish experience with their families.

? Fly and sail packages: In the business of international cruises, you can offer fly and sail packages.

? Best price cruise packages: Under the best price cruise package you can bundle up some low cost cruises and reduce the number of days and night on cruise. These packages will be preferred by those who have a limited budget.

? Purpose oriented cruise packages: Some of your packages can be purpose oriented. For example: a yoga cruise package on a specific carrier for a specified period. There is a lot of competition in the international travel cruises business because of the increasing demand and good earnings prospects. Moreover, there is no hassle of managing stock, etc. Thus to attract customers in international travel cruises business, it is suggested that you offer certain exquisite offerings, for example an international travel cruises at some uncommon destination, pick and drop facility included in the package, one way travel tickets free if the customer choose to take an international cruise which offers you highest commission, offering a goodie bag along with the booking of Disney line of cruises, etc. Many customers are attracted by these offerings and will at least enquire about it once. Further, it is based upon your convincing skills to convert them. You can also offer a child?s ticket free along with the tickets of the parents and other family members. Many people love to travel in a family and hence will be attracted by this offer. Family cruiser will tend to come to you if they notice this package.

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