Top Australian Mobile Phone Brands


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands of the mobile phones in the country of Australia.

Telstra Mobile

Telstra Corporation Limited is a company that deals with the communications sector and also media in Australia. This company was mainly owned by the Australian Government in the past in the stages till the late 1990s. This company is into the provision of the mobile phones, communication services, wireless setup, DSL, cable etc. The headquarters of Telstra are located in the Telstra corporate center in the city of Melbourne in Australia. This mobile phone brand in Australia was formerly called as Telecom Australia. However, the rename of the company was done in the year 1993. Then, the name was changed to its present name called as Telstra. It gradually became a private sector in the years ranging from 1997 to 2006. Apart from being the provider of the mobile phones in Australia by the name of NextG, the corporation is also in charge of the provision of the mobile phone connection to its customers. Apart from that, this corporation is also in the charge of the ownership of the majority of the public telephones in Australia. It is also the largest mobile phone service provider in terms of the service as well as the coverage. It holds 50 per cent share in the UMTS 2100 MHz infrastructure that is related to the mobile phone network in Australia. Telstra has nearly 7000 NextG base stations. Telstra is estimated to have around 9.3 Million subscribers. In the country of Australia, Telstra is estimated to have nearly as many as 900 telephone exchanges.

Optus Mobile

Optus communications in Australia is the second largest when it comes to the communication provider. This company in Australia is the wholly subsidiary of the Sing Tel Communications in Singapore. Optus is a company which owns and operates its own network infrastructure. The company was originally known as Aussat Pty. Ltd. before the time the company was privatized. This mobile brand in Australia was founded in the year 1981. The location of the headquarters of this company is based in the commercial capital of Australia that is Sydney. Optus is a company which is part of the consortium called as Terria. In the year 2006, in July, the mobile brand opted to bid in the national broadband network in Australia as a combined bid maker. Optus could not agree in accordance with the terms and conditions that were put up by Telstra Corp. This was regarding a joint roll out of the national broadband network. Hence Optus went for the installation of its own OFC network for providing the connections for the internet in Australia rather than teaming up with Telstra for the same. Optus has acquired a lot of companies including the takeover that happened for the EU Telecom in the year August 2004. Optus is into the provision of the several products and the services for the customers all over Australia. This includes Optus mobile phones on the standalone basis as well as on contractual terms, Optus internet services through the wireless broadband communication devices.

3 Mobile

3 Mobile is one of the leading brand names in the country of Australia that operate in order to make the provisioning of the mobile phones to the various customers all over the country. The mobile phones which are branded as being from the company 3 mobile in Australia provide the 3G technology. It is a subsidiary in Australia that exists under the larger company called as the Hutchison Whampoa. It has been conducting business in the communications industry in Australia ever since the year 2002. In Australia, the operations of the 3 mobile companies started in the early 2003 ever since which it has gained a lot of popularity and most of the people are on the 3 mobiles since they provide a lot of functionalities that shall be discussed in detail later. The mobile phones that are branded under the 3 mobile in Australia, all of them operate on 2100 MHz 3G networks along with a partnership of 50/50 in Australia with Telstra. This mobile phone brand in Australia covers as many as 56 per cent of the mobile phone users or population in all over Australia. Some of the mobile phone plans for the customers are very much lucrative since 3 mobile gives them not only a new phone, but also an excellent deal in terms of the pricing plans when the customers are on 3 mobile on both the ends. 3 mobile also provides the skypephones to the various customers in Australia. This combines functionalities of UMTS handsets for the free voice calls.

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