Top USA Mobile Phone Brands


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the USA for the mobile phones.


BlackBerry is a brand of the mobile phones in USA that is developed by a company called as Research in Motion (RIM). Along with being just a mobile phone, it also a communication device that doe the function of the personal digital assistant along with the organizer stuff like the calendar, the address book, memo pad and a list of the capabilities in order t perform the various kinds of tasks. It can also be used as a media player which is portable in nature and camera with the recording features embedded into most of the devices that are produced under this brand name. BlackBerry was the first ever a device that was built for the communication purposes that was featured along with a mobile phone with an instant touch facility for the emails. It was amongst the first few in order to provide the customers with a Wi-Fi facility. The brand of the mobile phones enjoys the reputation in order to make the mobile phones such that they carry the wireless information on to the devices along with the least in terms of the power consumption. It is a brand which is more known for communication of data rather than the convenience offered for talking. It has an array of the messaging features. It has also the support for the features such as social networking like the Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, and MSN etc. It provides the connectivity in the forms of USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. The first of the devices in Blackberry range was introduced in the year 1999. The market share of the Blackberry increased since the time it started concentrating on the features and applications that were related to the email functionalities.

Apple iPhone

It is a brand of the mobile phone in the USA that has been most famous and much talked about this brand since the time it was released in the USA. It is amongst the most expensive categories of the brands in USA that exist in the MARKET. Nevertheless, this brand is most widely used owing to the classic appearance, stylish design, amazing features and the various applications that are supported by the brand. The launch of the mobile phone brand called iPhone was in the year 2007 on 9th of February. There are various functionalities that are offered by the iPhone including a camera with flash, HD quality picture recording and viewing, visual media player and the voicemail support. The user interface is a very classic one in the appearance and also based upon the technology of the touch screen. The various applications for the iPhone are available in the App store of the parent website There have been four versions of the model of the iPhone depending upon the functionalities provided. Also, each of the four iPhone releases is followed by the subsequent enhancement in the operating system that is related to this device. The latest version of the iPhone model of the communication devices that are manufactured by Apple Inc. features the use of the 3G wireless capabilities including the use of the communication directly with the satellites in order to track the location of the given user with the GPS facilities. The newly launched iPhone 4 has two cameras in order to support video calling facilities.


Motorola is a company in the communications sector that is the global leader in terms of the communications. It is derived by the passion in order to make the invention of the best quality mobiles in the USA along with the commitment that is termed by many as unceasing into the advancement of the technology through which the connectivity is provided to the world. The company has been in the business since more than over 80 years and proudly, they stand amongst the best to be the market leaders in terms of the communication solutions that have allowed the growth of the people, business, for providing them with the connectivity throughout their areas of operations. The headquarters of this state is located in the state of Illinois in the USA. It is a leading brand in the USA which is involved in the production of the mobile phone and the Smartphone. The brand of the mobile phones in the USA was in the reception of the 100 per cent in the ratings that followed for the Corporate Equality Index and that too consecutively for three years in 2004, 2005 and 2006. The six sigma quality system which rates the performance of various brands and organization was initiated at Motorola.

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