Top UK Mobile Phone Brands

Introduction In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the UK for the mobile phones.

Vodafone UK

Vodafone is a communication company that is a giant telecom business all over many regions of the world. The headquarters of the company are located in the Newbury region of the United Kingdom. This company enjoys the reputation of being the world?s most popular and largest in terms of the revenue in the telecommunications business. Vodafone is primarily into the business of being a service provider and a network operator. However, Vodafone also enjoys being a manufacturer of the mobile phone brands and has to be mentioned when we have the list of the top mobile phone brands in the UK. It services more than 30 countries of the world and has the reputation of being the second most subscribers in the world in terms of the number of people, the first being China Mobile. They have a number of products like the Vodafone mobile phones, promotion of the Vodafone Live! Internet service, Mobile USB Modem Connect, and the more recently launched Vodafone passport and the freedom packs. In the February month of the year 210, Vodafone launched the cheapest mobile phone of the world called as Vodafone 150. This mobile phone will sell the markets in the UK for GBP 10 or US $ 15 only to the markets in the UK. This mobile phone as developed by Vodafone is aimed in order to change the communication market of the world. This mobile phone brand will be launched in places where people want to buy very cheap mobile phone in countries like India.


Telefonica O2 Limited, is the second largest provider of the communication services in the United Kingdom. The national headquarters of the O2 communication is located in the county of Berkshire. It is the privately owned subsidiary that is an affiliation of Telefonica Europe. The company was founded in the suburb of Marylebone in the city of the London in the UK. It serves the entire of the UK with the various services in communication including the own self branding of the mobile phones. It is one of the leading brands of the mobile phones in the UK. It caters the requirements of the customers in the UK as well as the businesses in UK. The business of the O2 Company in the UK comprises of the fixed/ mobile phones. It is also a leader when it comes to the availing of the non-voice services like the text messages, games, music, data connections through the use of various technologies etc. They enjoy the reputation of selling more than 40 million mobile phones in the UK to the customers at a contract basis and standalone. They have employed over 29000 employees all over the world. The company was formed in the year 2001. O2 is enjoying the reputation of being the sixth largest company in the world when it comes to the choice of being the best amongst the employees to work with. It has also been awarded with an accreditation from some of the leading accreditation bodies in being the extraordinary company to work with.

Orange Mobile

This brand of the mobile phones in the UK created in the year 1994 for the Hutchison Telecom?s UK network for the mobile phones. Most of the operations in the Orange SA are also brand with the same brand name i.e. Orange. However, not all the operations are carried out under this brand name. There are several examples of the names which belong to the brand of mobile phones named as Oranges but they operate in the various parts of the world as different names in the brands. The most classic example of a brand of Orange that is not operated under its own name is 3 CDMA. 3 CDMA is the name given to the mobile phones in Australia that belong to the Orange brand of mobile phones. Even in India, the brand name called Orange is removed. In Mumbai for e.g. Orange was rebranded and it was called as Hutch India. Recently, this brand of the mobile phones in the UK draws a lot of criticism according to a recent survey that was conducted and its results were published in the BBC news channel. However, Orange remains to be the very own brand of the mobile phones in the UK calling the United Kingdom its home and still continuing to showcase more developments in the UK for the maker of the mobile phone brands and also continually striving in order to bring more innovation in the communication industry in the UK.

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