Top Mobile Phone Brands In India


IN this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in India for the mobile phones.

Micromax Mobile

Micromax Mobile is a company in the communication sector in India that is based in the Gurgaon region in the Haryana state in India. It is a manufacturer that deals with the telephone sets that are based on the wireless technology. Micromax has 23 domestic offices across the country of India and there are the some of the locations in the world where the international offices are also set up. The international offices are located in the countries of Hong Kong, Dubai, United States of America and now also in Nepal. They are of the belief that the customers in India have a very different set of preferences when it comes to the mobile handsets such that they must be very long lasting in terms of battery life, they should have dual GSM capability, the keypad must be designed for the QWERTY design and must be gaming phones. They also keep their focus on the development of the premium products that deliver the higher value in terms of the money. They mainly target the use of the phones as catered by the urban population. They are distinguished in their operations from their other competitors in India in terms of the innovation that they make in the newly launched products and also the incorporation of the advanced technology in their products which is in coordination with the rapidly changing consumer market segment in India. They have very much unique functionality when it comes to their market strategies. They had entered the market in India related to the commercially available communication devices in the year March 2008. Since then they have successfully launched a number of mobile phone handsets in India which is up to a number of forty models till now.

Karbonn Mobiles

They make the mobile phones in India that are based on the new generation designs. The mobile phone and the communication products in the other categories that are made by this company redefine life in every way. The mobile phones are loaded with features, looks, quality, technicalities, provisioning of the services and more. They have a slogan called as Discover Karbonn, Live your life! They have been able to create a multitude of opportunities through their technology use as well as the innovation. They understand the fact that there has been more and more number of demands from the consumer market segment especially given the fact that there has been so much being introduced in the areas related to the communication. Hence the companies need to develop the products that are adaptable to the different trends and that too at a fast pace. Micromax has been formed as a joint venture of the two telecom companies called as UTL and Jaina. They have been able to join hands so that they can create a revolution in India with respect to the way communication technology is developed and handled in India. The UTL has a turnover of Rs. 1600 crore and employs around 2000 employees. They are headquartered in Bangalore. Jaina group is a company that is into the distribution of the communication devices and the other consumer durables to the consumer interests that are present in India. The company which is headquartered in Delhi has been able to represent some of the most distinguished brands of the mobile phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Siemens etc.

Videocon Mobile

The Videocon Communications has been set up as a separate line of business for the global business conglomerate called as the Videocon Corp. which has a strong hold in India when it comes to the durables that are manufactured for the consumer segment in India. The industry is worth US $ 4 billion for the communication business of this giant corporation in India. The headquarters of this company are located in the city of Mumbai in India. Apart from being able to enjoy the reputation of the India?s very own brand in the communication market of the mobile phones, Videocon caters the markets that are present in the Middle East, Europe etc. and has a significant share when it comes to the arena located globally as well. They provide the top quality mobile phone and have become a brand in India that has up to date technology.

Lava Mobile Phones

The company called as Lava Mobiles has been recently into the communication business in India. All the mobiles of this company have gained popularity very lately. The offer sleek looks, latest features, stylish designs etc. The prices are decent according to the Indian markets and also updates are provided regularly for the mobile phones.

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