How To Order A Mobile Phone From Reliance Company In India?


The market for the mobile phones in India is a very huge one with around 500 million subscribers in India alone and still booming and growing. Communication in India is very cheap for the very same reason and hence the customers seek to order mobile phones from the various companies. There are some of the big players in India who seek business by selling the mobile phones. It is easy to order a mobile phone from such companies by directly contacting them. You can make use of their web services that have been set up so that it shall be easy for the Indian customers in order to order the mobile phones. Reliance is an Indian conglomerate that is into the communication sector also. They operate under the business name of Reliance communication industries headed by the billionaire Mr. Anil Ambani. The sales team of the Reliance communication industries is a very dynamic one and they seek sales of the mobile phones on a target basis. This makes the customers an easy method in order to buy the mobile phones from the Reliance Company. In this guide, we shall have a look at the ways in which you can order a mobile phone from Reliance Company.

The very reason that the customers prefer to buy the mobile phone from a company like Reliance directly is because they find it easier, more convenient and cheaper if they order directly from the company. Approaching a mobile phone dealer is relatively heavier on the side of pockets since they sell at a higher price taking into consideration, their profit margins.

In a process to order a mobile phone from the Reliance Company, you can take the following approaches:


You can have a look at the various models of the Reliance communication mobile phones by logging into their website, . This website offers comprehensive range of all the mobile phones that belong to the company. The various technologies that are offered by this company are the GSM and the CDMA ones. It all depends upon the requirements of the customers in order to select which mobile phone technology to opt for. The GSM ones come with a slot for the SIM card which is the unique identifier for your mobile phone. The CDMA ones, however, is a different technology and they come with only one number for a single handset of mobile phones. All in all, your very first step is to research from the website of the Reliance communication industries. Once you have found out the relevant technology, features and mobile phone model to choose from, you can step up further in your procedure in order to order the mobile phone from the Reliance Company.

Reliance World

It is a nationwide store that deals in the retail sector for all the products in communication from the Reliance Company. It offers the products and the services that are designed to make provision to the customer an experience which is delightful in the digital world. It offers the communication as well as the utility services. There are 241 outlets of the Reliance World in 105 cities all over India. Hence you can never miss out on an opportunity in order to order a mobile phone from Reliance Company.

There is a huge range to offer in terms of the mobile phones and the associated services in Reliance World. All you have to do is to have a look at the demonstration of the mobile phone that you are interested in and place an order once you are sure you want to go for that particular mobile phone. If the model you are interested in is not present in the Reliance World, then you can opt for it to be delivered to your doorsteps or can have a pick up at the same point of sale in a few days of availability.

Reliance Mobile stores

It is considered as the one stop shop for all the communication needs of the customers offered in a single store under one roof. It shall be present in your neighborhood in order to offer you a variety of products and services which includes sales of the handsets. You can go to one of these stores and can order the mobile phone that you want.


You can also order the mobile phone from the Reliance Company by responding to the telemarketing calls from one of the very same company. If you have an idea about which handset that you want, you can easily place an order with convenience and the mobile phone shall be delivered either to your home or you shall be advised to pick up a mobile phone handset from a nearest dealer shop when the sale Is confirmed and you shall be given with an order tracking number which you can make use of when ordering a mobile phone from Reliance Company.

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