Top Providers Of Electronic Signs From Australia


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top providers in Australia that are involved in the providing of the electronics signs to Australia.

Compus Sign Pty. Ltd.

This provider of the electronics systems in Australia specialize in the design, construction and the installation that goes into the LED displays for the various requirements of its clients including the promotional activities of their company or the brand awareness to be done. They have an extensive range of the LED displays in the form of the electronics signs. The products that they provide to their customers and clients suit a wide range of applications as well as the regulations. The products that they provide their customers with are made in Australia completely in terms of their design and manufacturing. The factory of the company is based in the state of Victoria in the country of Australia. They have the products which cause the ground breaking technology to get incorporated into their customers? requirements. They have a product called as Pixeldetect, which employs the use of the complex systems in the microelectronics driven LED displays to process and display the information. They offer the tried and tested products in the additional line of business to offer the designed solutions. They manufacture, test and install and cause the commissioning of the after sales services.

Salient Information Systems

This provider started to be in the business of providing of the electronics signs since the year 1983. It is an Australian company from its roots and it is into the line of businesses that deals with the high quality and advanced technology Electronic Information Display Systems. They feature a product in single and multiple lines of LED signs, moving LED displays, etc. The head office of the company is located in the Roseberry suburb of the state of the New South Wales in Australia, The products of this company make use of the ?hi tech? electronics. They have the research and developmental labs, through which they bring innovation in the products of the displays that, are availed by their clients for the various promotional events that occur beneficial for their business. They have a many years of experience in the all kinds of electronics information display systems. This may include the display of the promotional messages at the airports, railway stations etc. They enjoy a reputation that is regarded as trouble free from their clients. They are very conscious in providing the electronics signs in the form of the systems that can be easily replicated, expanded, maintained and repaired. They make sure that when a design is organized, they make the use of only the standard products and commercially available equipment for satisfying the requirements of their clients. They always make an attempt in order to keep the newly designed systems compatible with the older ones so that there is no issue in the backward compatibility of the components.

LED Signs Australia

It is a provider which is an Australian company and it is a part of the Global Payment Systems having the revenue of approximately US $ 40 million within the group. They are nationally established. They provide the media as well as the signage solutions to the indoor and the outdoor needs of the clients in order to cater the promotional requirements of the brands of the clients or the company of the client itself. They are mainly installed in LED rich areas like the casinos, clubs, hotels, and also the other retail industries. They have their head office located in the North Ryde suburb in the state of NSW. They also have the local site offices and also the support facilities located in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide etc.

Axent Global

Axent Global is an electronics engineering company that is involved into the specialization in the development of the road traffic. They are trading in the business of the electronics signs for a period of more than 20 years. They have been developing many of the systems that are put to use and are relied on to a daily basis. They not only provide superiority in the products that they offer, but also the total solution aspect of a business requirement in the promotional campaigning is considered by them which makes a differentiation of their services with that of the others. They make the use of the cutting edge in the technology. They have improved the traffic flow and helped the customers of theirs in order to create a safer environment in terms of the road safety. They also have the manufacturing facilities and the factories that are located in the countries of China and Taiwan.

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