What Needed To Become A Lawyer?


In the world of today, a lot of importance is given to legal issues. There are these huge deals and tenders that are exchanged by the huge corporations which are governed by a set of rules and terms and conditions. In the business that is done in the real world, it is very important to be legally, if not morally correct. Legal issues arise out of small things which are to be abided via law of the country where the business is conducted. Hence, due to all these legal issues that arise and are given importance, there is a huge demand of one of the most prestigious professions that is to be practiced viz. to become a lawyer. In the article to follow, we are going to explore the various aspects of lawyers and legal issues as a profession and also going to provide a guide to becoming a lawyer.

Bachelor?s degree

It is the first step towards becoming a lawyer those us to be followed. Firms like Initiative Legal Group or others can eventually hire you. You need to obtain a degree from a college or a university in the legal field. This needs to be a degree for the duration of a matter of four years. It is the mandatory requirement for any law school to be admitted into. It is also necessary to obtain a very good grade in the major that you have chosen. The choice of major does not matter much.

Admission test

Every law school has some entry criteria to be followed. Even with the shortlisting that is done via entry criteria, there are a huge number of applicants. In order to take the selection process quicker and smoother, there is an entrance test in any of the law schools today. It is necessary to appear for the test and clear the cut off. It is a kind of aptitude test with an intension of developing an aptitude towards law.

Law school acceptance

Then you need to get accepted into the school which enables you to study the legal issues. Admission to such school is based on your GPA and also the admission test that you had taken earlier. It is necessary to clear the cut off so that you want the admission committee to consider your application.


Then you need to graduate from a law school with good grades. Graduation from the school of legal body which teaches you all the legal entities, it takes about three years. Law school exams are always of the types that suits to people who like to write an essay. You need to get acquainted with all the books of legal formalities and need to master those legal issues to the core. You should be able to develop a sense as to which section is applicable to which scenario so that when you are handling legal issues in the real world after becoming a lawyer, you do not face any legal opposition or challenges. It is necessary to follow up on the legalities as early as possible.

Bar exam

You need to clear off the bar exam. A law school course when enrolled into the full time type of study, it is three years, however there are these bar exams that keep on appearing periodically. The legal education is three years. Most of the students of a legal school take a bar review so that they can groom their profiles into a one more oriented into the legal side. In this way, there is a guarantee that they have covered almost everything that needs to be covered for a legal exam to get prepared.

Bar exam of the state

Just like different countries have different governing bodies, hence different rules, in a similar way, there are different rules that are practiced in different states. Each of the state of any given country is under the jurisdiction a particular state government which establishes different legal formalities that need to be completed in order to sustain any procedure. You need to be able to understand the law of the state hence you need to appear and pass for an exam of a particular state that you want to practice. The portion that is to be read from differs from state to state since there are different rules for any given state.

Character and physical condition

Given that you pass all the legal exams, the final step in the hurdle is to pass an exam that is related to your character as well as your physical condition. Character exam is nothing else but a check on the background of a character of to be called as a lawyer. Thus, in this article, we have explored the various aspects of becoming a lawyer and taking the legal profession.

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