Top Retailers Of Promotional Calendars In USA


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the some of the top retailers in the UK who provide the promotional calendars.

My Shop Angel Inc.

They are the respected retailers in UK for the promotional calendars. They offer some of the finest quality products in the UK. They launched their retail section in the year 2001. They offer quality in their customer service and low price guarantee too. They have encountered over 40000 customers who are satisfied with the service of theirs. They offer a wide range in the products related to the promotional calendars. The marketing team for this retailer in the USA constantly is looking for the addition of the new range of the product lines and replacing the old stocks. They have the goal of the provision of the largest when it comes to the selection, the best in the prices, and also the best service to the customers of theirs. They are constant resource of the promotional calendars to the customers who have been doing business with them over a period of years as well as for the new customers. They possess a wide selection of the calendars that can be tugged on the walls, pocket calendars, desk calendars etc. The 65 per cent of the products that are bought from this retailer are in the form of the gifts for the businesses, employees relations and recognition, creation of the awareness of the brand, dealer programs etc.

Calendar World

They are the best in the business retail when it comes to the custom made calendars, online calendars, calendars that are made specifically for a business by imprinting on them, picture calendars, etc. They offer the calendars as the promotional gifts and corporate gifts. They can help with their products, a sense of creation of awareness of the brands which needs to be recognized by the market. They provide promotional calendars 365 days each year and can help the distribution of these calendars on the special events like the community meetings and the special events. They make calendars in many of the forms. They make wall calendars, picture calendars for the promotional events, large wall calendars that can promote a business etc. all by embedding a custom made logo of the business or the product that has the requirement of getting promoted. They deliver a service in the field of arts since thy have to issue a customized logo for every business or a product that needs to undergo promotion or at least recognition in terms of the creation of the brand awareness amongst the masses. In addition to that, they also make the calendars that can help a business or a community in order to rise the appropriate funding. They are of the opinion that every business can find itself a promotion by making use of the promotional products that they provide.


The mission of this retailer is to provide the promotional advertising needs of the customers and their clients. They cater the requirements that come up in the way of the promotion to be done for the corporate events and the trade shows. They design the promotional calendars so that they can be taken as a form of giveaways, and that too for the prices that are low enough. They understand the range of selection that is to be offered in the promotional calendars. They have taken time in order to think about every design and how can it be best put to use by the corporates so that they can create awareness about either their company profile or an awareness of the brand that is to be created amongst its dedicated target audience. The 75 percent of the promotional calendars that are featured in their catalogue are available for the rush delivery. This is due to the fact that they very well understand the importance of the last minute giveaways and the deadlines to be met in front of the corporates as their clients.

Vitronic Promotional Group

They are of the opinion of the fact that in the service industry which is driven by the promotional calendars products, it is such that there is an absolute need in order to quality products and a service which is excellent. They have been in the business since the last 95 years in the USA and they are amongst the top 40 in the provision of the promotional items like the calendars. They prove the customer service that is exceptional and cannot be surpassed by any of their competitors who provide the promotional calendars in the USA. They have a huge set of demand from the customers who have availed their services before due to the product exactness that they offer with the timely delivery of the promotional calendars.

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