Top Sellers Of Marble And Granite In UK


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top sellers in the UK for marble and granite that goes into the construction and restoration of the homes and the commercial places all over the United Kingdom.

J & R Marble

They are the specialists in the United Kingdom when it comes to the supplying, fixing as well as the restoration of the Marble, Granite, Limestone etc. The products that goes into the provision of the marble and granite by this company can be used for the construction of the kitchen and bathroom, living rooms, offices etc. This company was established in the year 1983. This was initially named as J & R marble Co. Ltd. They are into the third generation in their business when it comes to the carrying out of the all types of work that goes into the work of the construction of the homes. They assist their customers right from the initial stages of the discussion of the sites as well as through the completion of the project which includes the phase of the installation of the fixing of their products. They also assist the builders in case they have the requirements of carrying out the remedial and the restoration work of the buildings, floors etc. They are flexible to be working either at the location of their clients or in the factories. The staff of this company is trained and well exposed to all sorts of installation work to be done at the location of the customers as well as the clients. They can provide the quality in each of the jobs that they undertake.

The Elgin Marble Company

This company in the marble is operative in the United Kingdom over the past 90 years and more. The company has been established under the investment from the Henderson family that have their native in the Elgin suburb in the UK. They are known for the reputation in the UK that they have built in the quality. They are into the provision of the finest of the qualities in the slate, marbles as well as the granite from the top most suppliers in the Europe, Africa and India. The founder of this company is Mr. James Riach Henderson. The owner has been successful in terms of passing of the skills that were acquired in the sculpting, on to his future generations. Then the knowledge was subsequently combined with the industrial technology and practices. This made way in order to ensure that this company are one of the leading sellers in their field. They undertake the projects that deal with the supply, fitting, etc. of the kitchens, shops and many other kinds of locations. They also offer restoration services for the monuments which require advice in order to maintain then for their cultural heritage. They met the exact specification and the requirement as and when they come up from their clients and the customers. They are associated closely with their profession with the craftsmen and the architects. They have set the quality standards in the industrial demands.


This company is a subsidiary of the Oakley building consultants. They specialize in the high quality products that are made available in the UK for the prices that are affordable. They are based in a suburb called as East Brighton in the county of Sussex. Apart from that they are also operative in the other locations in London and its suburb such as the Kent, Surrey, Hampshire etc. They have made available granite into the multitude of colors to their customers. They keep in stock the different shades of marble, granite etc. They have pattern and ranges that make granite appear so good and appealing. They are also into the business which deals with the supplying of the marble for the bathroom, fireplaces etc. Apart from the products mentioned, they also offer stone products that are rarely available that go into the construction of the furniture, patio etc.

London Marble Ltd.

This company in the marble and granite business was established in the year 2002 and is relatively new. It was set up by a couple named Luis Barbosa and Ann. They have built a name in the industry that is highly regarded. They have been in close association with this industry since 25 years and have a very good contacts with Greece, Portugal, UK, Italy etc. Since its birth, London Marble has never set a foot off from its goal and has never looked back. They have a factory that is so well equipped and structured that they can fully accommodate the requirements of 10 granite kitchens just within a week.

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