Top Sellers Of Marble And Granite In Australia


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top sellers in Australia for the marble and granite.

SMG Stone Pty. Ltd. Australia

This seller of marble and granite is based in the city of Sydney in Australia. It is committed to bring in the nature to the homes in which the kitchens and the bathrooms are being constructed and which require the usage of the marble and granite in order to give it a very decorative effect. This seller was established in they year 2002. This company eventually has gained a lot of expertise in the selection, procurement, and the supply of the natural stone from all the parts of the world. SMG has a very huge selection in order to offer its customers. The products that are supplied by this company can be used in the pavements, lobbies etc. They are also involved in the importing and the wholesale distribution of the imported marble and granite from European countries like Italy. They have warehouses that are primarily located in the cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. They are reputed since they make a provision of the world class marble and stone products in Australia. Their products are very exclusive according to the taste in the interior designing of the Australian construction of homes. They are about to open the warehouses in the Australian Capital Territory as well as the neighboring country of New Zealand. The warehouses of this company that are located in Sydney contain more than 2300 sq. meters of the space available on the floor. They have modified and caused a streamline to be established in the supply chain so that they can suit their customers and the clients.

Cairns Marble and Granite

This company was established in the year 1989. This company is the best in Australia when it comes to the maintaining of the portfolio of the mining leases during the tenure of its operations in the country of Australia. Cairns Marble Australia Pty. Ltd. Is into the manufacturing and the retailing of the complete range of the marble products from the raw blocks of the marble. Then they make it into the polished as well as the unpolished slabs and many other products that are useful for the construction industry. The company has been successful in order to maintain a sound business profile since its establishment. They have undertaken the extensive exploration and the testing to be done in all of the mining reserves. They have made the development and the acquisition of the mining reserves of the high qualities in Queensland as well as the Pilbara regions that is located in the Western Australia state.

Apex Stone

It is a company that is Australian owned. This company was established in the year 1987 in Australia. Till now, it has gain some huge amount of respect due to its operations in the marble and granite supply industries and now regarded as one of the most prestigious stone companies that exist in the country of Australia in these days. They specialize in the production and the supply and distribution of the stone that is used for the commercial projects. They have reputation for the successful completion of one of the high end quality residential projects in Australia. Apex stone also is an importer and the supplier of the of the high quality to be delivered in the natural stones. These include the traditional marble, granite, limestone, blue stone and several other varieties. They are used for the markets in Australia that are demanded by the commercial as well as the residential construction that is made in Australia and the surrounding regions. They have special prices in most of the seasons that are related to the various collections that they have. They have one of the fantastic prices that are related to the stone that is used for the construction of the domestic as well as the international projects. They have the modern manufacturing facilities that is well recognized in the country like Australia. They are known for their high in technology use of machines as well as the knowledge and expertise that they have gained in Australia. They have been the partners of the leading architectural firms in Australia in the completion of some of the well known and high budget projects in the state of Victoria.

Peraway Marble (Aust) Pty. Ltd.

This company was established in 1978. It first started as a simple polishing factory for the stones. Since 1980, this company had so huge demands that it caused it to import the marble from Italy. In 1984, this company was news since it introduced an automated machine for the polishing of the stones. This was followed by the other companies as well as the companies from the other industries as well like for e.g. the diamond factory.

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