Top Marble And Granite Companies In India


The industry in India that is related to the marble has been widely growing over a number of years. The Indian marble industry is not restricted to production or or as far as supply of the marbles for the construction purposes. On the other hand, it is export oriented of highly acclaimed stones and the precious stones. The production of marbles has increased to a great extent in a couple of decades with the introduction of the machinery which is automated enough to carry out the various operations that is involved in the mining and the production of the marbles and granites as well as development affecting the new mining fields. In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top marble and granite companies in India.

Pokarna Limited

Pokarna Limited is centered on the visions that are governed by the values like the dreams and the aspirations. They have been developing the ideology over a number of years in order to create a passion amongst themselves to make the provision of the products which can be acclaimed as world class. They believe in introduction of the innovation as well as the technology to be incorporated in their services to make them one of the finest in India and the world. They have a very good dynamics in work and their processes that are followed are highly reliable in terms of their manufacturing techniques. This company was founded in the year 1991. The chairman and the manufacturer of this company is Mr. Gautam Chand Jain. They make an offering of the premium products in the granite. They offer different categories of colors in their granite and they have named them as new, regular, rough, tiles and many other patterns like that. They make a supply of the finished granite and cater the requirements of the 12 countries globally other than India.

Akar Marble Industries

Akar Marble Industries (AMI) is a company in India that makes the provision of the marble and granite in India. They have unearthed their natural treasure in India and they are capable of production of one of the finest quality of marble and granite that goes into the construction of the homes and the offices. They believe in the eco-friendly manufacturing techniques and hardly carry out any process that creates hindrance in the proper functioning of the ecosystem. They have the state of the art plants for the manufacturing of the products that they supply. They have a very professional set of networking standards to implement their marketing strategies. They have one of the rare, but fully mechanized plants for the manufacturing of the tiles in India. They have different categories of marbles to be supplied, the most popular of them being the Green and the White marble. They consider provision of high quality as their asset which follows their process right from the stone quarries till the time the finished product is delivered at the customer premises. They have been developing relationship with their clients in the USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Japan and many other countries.

Natural Marble Industries

Natural Marble Industries is based in the Kannur district of the Indian state of Kerala. They are the first company to be formed in order to fulfil the requirements of the Malabar. They have been established and in business since 1984. They have sound knowledge and very vast experience in the field so that they can provide the best as well as the products to be unique. They keep up with the standards set up by the changing consumer trends in the world. They cater the requirements of the markets that have been in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East. They have a division called as NMI exports which deals with the foreign clients of theirs. They have a very exquisite range to be offered Polished Granite slabs and the tiles. They have polished, honed as well as the flamed ones. They are the company which is known to provide value to the money of the customers whom they supply.

Shreeji Marbles

Shreeji is the owner of the mines and the stone quarries as well as the manufacturers of the marbles. They also are the importers who make their imports from the markets that have been established in Italy, Iran as well as the other countries that are involved in the production and the supply of marbles. They have been in the business since the year 1987. Since establishment, they have been diversified into the different fields. They cater the requirements of the products ranges in Indian marbles and granite, Nepali marbles, Floor and ceramic tiles for the walls, Sanitary wares, etc.

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