Top USA Brands For Sports Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the USA for the sports flooring.

LG Hausys floors

This brand in the USA for the sports related flooring, uses the high performance materials. The imaging that is used in the sports floors is high resolution based as well as has been designed to be naturally microbial resistant. The sports floors that are made by them are crafted such that they provide durability, high performance and it is involved in the combination of the unmistakable look of the sports floors that are made to be professionally designed. These properties are available in the sports floors of this brand because the make it with the help of the highly resilient materials. They offer a very distinctive look of being the hard wood floors. They are durable as well as they are an option for the high quality in the athletics. They are manufactured in order that they can withstand the heaviest of the traffic and they cater the requirements of the gymnasium as well as the community center sports flooring which are known to be specifically demands in the high impact materials. In their floors, this brand adds the extra benefit of being the shock absorption qualities, elasticity, stability as well as the ones that cause a reduction in the noise level. They are very much made for the athletes of the modern world. Their floors used during the construction of the sports arenas and the related courts are the ones with the anti bacterial coating so that they can ensure the clients with the environmentally safe flooring involved in the benefit of the health for the athletes. They are slip resistance as well as they provide safety during the competitions held.


This brand that is operative in the USA for the flooring needs in the sports, is not only famous for the sports floors that it is master in, but also for the construction of the floors related to the industries in the lot of sectors. They cater the requirements when they come from the sectors of the education, commercial, health care as well as the transportation. Mondo brand also is responsible for the manufacturing of the of the turf systems which are artificial in nature as well as for the landscaping application apart from the usual sports floors. The artificial turf systems that are manufactured by this brand are a constant result of the years of research and the partnership with the top researchers in the biomechanics which makes them deliver so much in the sports floors of theirs. They are also responsible for catering the requirements of the some of the top European football teams. They have a patent for the completely innovative MondoTurf Systems. This makes them recreate the characteristics of the well maintained natural grass. They make use of the playing field in the good conditions. The hardly encounter any complaints in the natural and the artificial turf systems that they manufacture and design.

Snap Sports flooring

It is one of the leading brands in the USA for the sorts related needs in the flooring. When you have snap sports flooring, you have the capability to give your organization the look of the professional sports floors. They also are involved in the designing and the provision of the backyards game courts, basket ball being one of the most suitable examples of the same. They claim that this brand has the capability, in order to stand up to the tough demands that come from the one of the most serious game plays involved in the sports. They provide products and services which will make you eliminate the need to put a re-coat on any of the sports floor that they provide for your requirements. They claim that the coating on the sports floors that they provide would not fade for the years to come. They are also resistant against the peeling and the cracking of the surface coatings. They are the most durable as well as the cost effective sports systems that they manufacture in the USA. They are one of the market leaders in the US when it comes to reliability.

Tajima Flooring Inc.

Tajima is the market leader when it comes to the commercial applications of the high definition digital photography to be incorporated into the sporting floors. They use the pre as well as the post recycled materials when they offer any products to the clients of theirs. They are very much committed to the environmental responsibility. They have more than 40 years of experience when it comes to the sports flooring expertise. They are the brand who introduced the 1st grade sports floors in the price of that of the 2nd grade.

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