Top Australian Brands For Sports Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top brands in Australia for the sports flooring.


This brand of sports flooring in the country of Australia provides national sports as well the flooring systems that can be used for more than one purpose in general. This is termed as multi flooring. This company is based in the Brisbane city of Australia. This company is accredited with the certification of ISO 9002. It is the leading innovator in Australia for providing the customers with sports flooring as well as the multi flooring requirements. They believe in keeping themselves forefront in their innovative methods that are related to the technology. It is constantly striving in order to gather ideas there are new in the market and this causes this brand in order to cause innovation in what they create in terms of the flooring for construction of the sports arenas, arcades, courts etc. It tries to bring in more and more amount of the incorporation of the technology when it comes to the sporting needs in the country of Australia. It also provides safety flooring which is one of the products in the multipurpose category for this innovator. They are the ones that deal with the leading companies not only in Australia, but also in the entire world. They make use of the most in their in house design to engineer the flooring. They make the supply, installation as well as the provision of the flooring in various categories such as the timber, synthetic and the multipurpose flooring.

Herculan Australia

It is the company that is set up by the parent company called as Epo-Kem. It is an Australian owned as well as the operations of this company is in Australia. It was established in the year 1985. They advertise themselves to be one of the leading brands in the world for the sports flooring that is environmentally friendly in nature. They provide seamless flooring. They are into the business of the supply of the flooring requirements in Australia that are based for the construction of both indoor as well as outdoor sporting arcades. The Herculan International launched its Australian brand by the name of Herculan Australia. They are the ones who provide the Herculan synthetically manufactured flooring systems that are made up a material called as polyurethane. This material is made by the recycling of the Australian rubber as well as water borne polyurethane. This makes the products that they manufacture both free of mercury as well as water solvent free. The surfaces in the sports flooring that are manufactured by this brand are applicable for many of the applications. This takes of the sports, medical as well as the health care needs of the Australian customers. Apart from that, they also specialize in the surfacing requirements that can take care of the rail and road safety, bridge decks, educational requirements etc. They provide the guarantees of their surfaces in the form of writing which showcases their commitment towards the quality assurance that they provide to the customers and the clients of theirs.

Shoreline sports floors

They are the company that is operative in the country of Australia for their host of indeed proven sports floors that are made out of sprung timber. They mostly distribute their sports floors to the regions in the states of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory in Australia. They assure that they sports floors that they produce make the balls bounce very much evenly. On their sprung timber floors, there is the maximum energy that is returned to the activities like the running as well as the jumping provisions. They product range that is provided by this company includes the sprung timber floors, seating solutions for the spectators of the sports, they also have the maintenance packages that go for the timber floors as well as the sporting equipment. This range is the one that makes them capable of concentrating on the needs that are for all the required sporting facilities. They cater the requirements that come from the large sporting stadiums as well as the small community centers. They have a very vast knowledge that goes into the sports as well as the entertainment industry. This makes all the interested parties to be the clients of the company like this in Australia.

Regupol (Australia) Pty. Ltd.

This is a company that is filled with the employees who are enthusiastic about the sports flooring requirements of the clients who give them business. They make use of the finest quality to be delivered by making use of the recycled products. The customers of this company are very much valuable to this company. They have been in the business since more than 20 years.

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