An Overview On Top International Brands For Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the home floorings that have been internationally recognized and serve the markets all over the globe.

Amtico International

They are the driving force that has led competition to most of the leading flooring brands in the world. They have over 40 years over which they have been experimenting with the innovation and inspiration. They have been able to create a very diverse and successful creation of the various brands in the world for flooring. They have encompassed a vast rage in the flooring requirements all over the world. They established this company in flooring in the year 1964. Since then, they have dominated the markets offered by the various parts of the world for the flooring requirements. They cater sales of their products as well as brand awareness throughout the globe. They focus on innovation in the various lines of their products. They invest a lot of money in the research and development to make some of the newly developed trends in the flooring needs for the construction purposes. They showcase a commitment of value to be delivered in their products. They have been able to deliver the improvement on the continual basis for their performance so that it can make satisfaction to the demands of the markets in the world which are increasing in flooring for construction as ever seen for any other consumer durables.


This company was founded in the UK in the year 1919. They are one of the world's leading manufacturer and supplier for the surfaces and the flooring systems that go into the interior designing. They are responsible for the creation of the safe environments for the sustainable living conditions for many years too come since the installation of their flooring systems. They provide hygienic environments which make them eco-friendly in nature considering the standards that are followed in the flooring industry. They have an experience in the flooring for as long as 80 years in the making. They are the leaders in the world when it comes to the provision of the leading designs in the industry. They have been constantly driving an innovation in their products through a constant upgrade in their technologies that are considered to be very much innovative. They have a philosophy on the guidelines that state that the future is bright and very much safe with Altro.

Lees Flooring

This brand is famous internationally in the industry related to the flooring. It is based in the United Kingdom. They take up the projects in the flooring that comes up as a requirement during the establishment and the development of the residential as well as the commercial properties. They have a newly extended showroom that has been developed in Norwich. They supply a range of flooring which is huge. They include laminates, Vinyl tiles, wood flooring, carpet flooring etc. They have experienced staff as well as tradesmen fitters who have been employed directly.


They are the international brand originally from the United Kingdom which deal in the flooring requirements of the European and the markets that are offered worldwide. They make sure that every order in the flooring of their customers and clients arrives properly. They are very much keen in order to make a supply of the new as well as the interesting products to their clients. They are the ones who have been very much traditional in their business and do not go on experimenting for the innovation. Having said that, they have been in business for a long time which makes them the masters of their domains of what they do the best. They specialize in the manufacturing of the carpets as well as the carpet tiles. They offer a product range that spans fiber bonded and the carpet range that is tufted. They design their products according to the needs of the architects, contractors as well as any other specific requirements. They fulfill the demands that mostly come up in the education, leisure, commercial as well as the health care and the other sectors like the public sectors.


It is called most popularly as the Armstrong World Industries. They are the global leaders when it comes to the manufacturing of the floors for the construction of the homes. In the year 2009, this corporation in the home flooring was able to accumulate a revenue of US $ 2.8 billion. It is based in the USA. It however has been operative in 8 countries of the world through its manufacturing plants which are 35 in total. They cater residential as well as commercial flooring requirements. However, it can be estimated that only 10 per cent of the revenue of this company comes from the customer who have residential requirements.

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