Top UK Brands For Sports Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the UK for the sports flooring.

Vulcan Flooring

This brand of sports flooring in the UK believes in closely working with the customers as well as the traders. The founder of this brand, viz. Michael Gray has more than 20 years of experience in the flooring that is related to the sports sector. Michael initially used to work as a fitter in the construction of the sports arenas in the UK and then eventually he started off his own brand in the sports flooring. Since then, this brand has been very much successful in building a list of their client?le which are globally recognized. They have been developing a formidable relationship with the every customer of theirs. The relationship of this brand with their customers have been developed over a number of years of operation and has been growing stronger and stronger. This brand is also an experienced contractor in the commercial as well as the industrial flooring sector. They provide professional and reliable services in the UK markets and hence they have a great reputation all over the UK when it comes to the construction using the type f flooring required for the sports. They have been quite right in standing where they are in terms of the market reputation. They are the one of the leading contractors in the industry related to the sports flooring. They have their offices based in the Berkshire country in the United Kingdom. They have a great commitment towards the customer service of theirs. Vulcan flooring has taken up the contracts in the various industries apart from the sports flooring projects. They have a first class commitment in the health and safety when the floors are being installed for the sports as well as after their installation.

Johnsons flooring

This brand of flooring for sports in the UK has been run as a family run business since its establishment. They have a background which makes them deal with the Granwood flooring. They also take up the projects in the maintenance of the sports floors all over the United Kingdom. They have also a vast experience since they have been working or closely associated with the projects all over the Europe as well as the north of the African continent. They also happen to be specializing in the maintenance of the Granwood flooring, Gransprung and the Strip Timber floors for the sporting activities in the UK. They also cater the requirements as and when they come up for the local schools, Universities, Community centers as well as the domestic household needs in the flooring for the construction purposes.

Gerflor ? the flooring group

The brand in the UK for sports flooring called as the Gerflor group is involved in a number of projects that are related to the creation, manufacturing as well as the innovations to be driving the markets for the sports flooring all across the Europe. They provide the solutions for the professionals. They come up with the solutions that are decorative, as well as eco-responsible and also not very much expensive in terms of the affordability. They specialize mainly in the areas that are related to the sports flooring as well as the flooring for the designing of the interiors. They are a multi specialist group that is operative all over the United Kingdom. They combine the specific and the requirements in the know hows that have been derived from the experience that they have in the industry since their operations since a number of years. They have been able to gather and launch differ products under the different brand names such as the Taraflex, Mipolam, Senso, Caractere etc. They have a goal in order to become the technospecific. Hence they strive in their projects in order to invent and offer the solutions that are designed for the technologically challenging environments. They engineer the sports floors as well as they offer the safety and comfort that can lead to a great performance in the sports activities. They provide sports which deal with the intense as well as the elite competitions as well as the ones for the leisure activities.

Junckers Ltd.

It is one of the leading manufacturers of the sports floor not only in the United Kingdom, but also throughout the Europe. They specialize in the manufacturing of the real solid pre finished and engineered hardwood floors. They supply the sports floors for both large as well as the small projects in the sports floorings. They are based in the UK and they have eleven area sales managers. They fully guarantee in their services, not only the sales, but maintenance and installation aspects as well.

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