Top USA Providers Of Hardwood Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top providers in the United States of America for the hardwood floorings.

Pianeta Legno

Pianeta Lego is for the provision of the finest engineered and hardwood floor which is prefinished to provide one of the most exotic collections in the World. It is based in the city of New York in the USA. They make the customers seek the required warmth of the real wood. They also provide the stability that is displayed in the properly designed structure that is engineered. The floors that are provided in the hard wood are pre finished with a layer that contains as much as 8 coats of UV cured treatment to be given with the CERALO polyurethane. It is one of the major providers in the USA which is also in the provision of the supply of the wood floors in the United States that are made in Italy and sold in the USA. It carries possibly the large range of its collection to be chosen from. Their collection depicts exotic wood species of one hundred different products in the flooring. It is the one which keeps its stock loaded with the flooring materials in the hard wood so that they can be handy as and when a quick delivery is to be made.

US Floors

It is a company that is involved into the business of the provision of the hard wood floors based in the United States. The company is based in the Dalton suburb of GA. It is into the provision of the very unique and the sustainable floors in the USA. They stress on the provision of the hard wood floors for construction of homes that are not only sustainable, but also very Eco friendly. They use cork, bamboo and the hard wood floors that are certified by the FSC. It is the one and only supplier of the cork and the bamboo flooring. They have their operational facilities located in the various parts of the United States. They have their own set of brands viz. Natural Cork, Natural Bamboo, Navarre, etc. in the hard wood flooring that is provided by them.

Pennington Hardwoods

They are a business that is based and operated by a family. The business that they conduct in the hardwood flooring is in the best of the dedication towards the provision of the best in the quality, selection as well as the service to their customers. They are providers of beautiful hard wood floors which are crafted according to the custom specifications. This is the trademark facility of theirs. The integrity that is offered by this brand, may be custom as well as standard satisfies the customers who may be discerning in nature.

They meet the highest of the standards with respect to the satisfying of the demands in the construction, of quality and is preferred by many of the customers in the USA so that they can adore the homes of these customers through the beautiful designs that they have to offer, not only in the United States, but also all over the globe. It is one of the renowned member of the National Wood Flooring Association. It is also a partner with the Better Business Bureau. Hence, they have the compulsion of maintenance of the highest in the moral and the ethical standards so that they can continue to enjoy same business as well as the reputation in the markets of the USA. They completely guarantee the condition and the satisfaction in the every order that they deliver for their customers and clients. They provide a service which is hospitable enough to be friendly as well as knowledgeable. They can pick and choose from the customer references from all over the world.

USA hardwood floors

It is also a family owned business that is involved in the provision of the hard wood flooring to their customers in the USA for the construction purposes. It is in its first stage of the operations. They serve the two entire heavily populated states in the USA of Oregon and Washington. They are known in the markets of the USA for the level of the professionalism that they display. They are absolutely sure about the capabilities that they have and superb in the craftsmanship of theirs in making of the aesthetically appealing hard wood floors. They provide excellent as well as efficient service and their technical knowledge surpasses that of any wood flooring trade. The employees of this company make it a point to work under the strictest supervision of the owner. They are proud of their reviews and the testimonials that they usually get in the form of appreciation from the ones who they serve.

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