Top USA Brands For Laminate Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various top brands in the USA that provide laminate flooring.

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They are believers that the dreams of the homes with respect to the construction aspects must be considered seriously and they believe in doing the best in order to fulfill the dreams of the customers. Hence, they are specialized with respect to expertise and market knowledge when it comes to the laminate flooring. They are the pioneers when it comes to the making of the laminate flooring in the modern world. They have always successfully lived up to their customers' satisfaction. They have set the standards in the construction of the laminate flooring when it comes to the quality as well as the details of the innovation. They constantly make their floors deliver the best to the homes of their customers. They impose creativity in the laminate flooring that is made by them. They bring the lives into the dreams as well as help their customers express what personality they have when it comes to the laminate flooring. They set the right kind of mood as well as help in the creation of the required spaces that make the lives of their customers very fruitful and very comfortable. They advertise and emphasize on the fact that they are more into the dream factory business when it comes to the laminate flooring business in the United States. They are changing the trends and what the customers can expect from the laminate flooring from them as well as any other manufacturer. They are of the opinion that they floors with laminates can do much more than what they are usually though of.

Wilson Art

It was founded in the United States region of Temple in the state of Texas in the year 1956. Sir Ralph Sr. was the founder and the owner of then. He was an executive from the laminate industry. It was founded as the manufacturer of the laminate flooring which is able to sustain the high pressure. In they year 1960s this brand started developing for good. It then consisted of a work force which was as dedicated as ever. It started production of the high quality to be delivered in the flooring along with the combination of the ever dedicated customer service focused to be he best in the industry. The company started with a commitment to deliver the laminate flooring all over the United states in less than or within 10 days from the date it was ordered. The warehouse counts unto the 15 facilities in the region of North America alone. It responded relatively quickly to the market conditions which were diverse since then. It also was in charge of the maintenance of the high scale amount of inventory close to the needs of the customers. It is the one of the finest distributors of the laminate flooring that are used in construction and has successfully achieved its goal in the same. The number of distribution channels that this brand has outnumbered any of the manufacturers and has become as great as 200 distributors just in the US alone. By the end of the year 1970s, the brand was successfully been able to establish itself as the leading manufacturer of the laminate flooring in the United States.

Columbia laminate flooring

This brand in the laminate flooring in the United States makes their customers enjoy the natural looks as well as style that is timeless of the product in the laminate flooring that they manufacture. It provides the ease of installation along with the much wanted term in the construction section which is the durability. They depict rich colors that are translated in their designs. And manufacture authentic and genuine finishes in the laminate flooring business. They provide realistic appearance in the slate designs. They make their customers enjoy the satisfaction that there is something right under their foot. The provide graining designs, and the surface textures that appear marvelous. Every product is available right from the flairs in the contemporary designs as well as the feel of the more traditional looks. They pay attention to details and it is depicted specially in the woodgrain designs of theirs.

Pergo Laminates

It is one of the most trusted brand in the laminate flooring not only in the United States but also in the entire world. They are into the business of the laminate flooring since 30 years in the making and know what standards set the industry and market ablaze. They have operations and sales mainly in the North America. But their market is also extended to those offered by the Europe as well as Asia. It shows dedication in its designs that are offered to the customers.

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