Top UK Providers Of Hardwood Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top UK providers in the hard wood flooring.

V4 Wood Flooring

V4 wooden flooring is a business in UK which is run by a family. They have been into the business of the hardwood flooring since three generations. The business dates its establishment way back in the years of 1990s. It started as a small business They have a great support from their staff and the customers for their ongoing business because of which they have been able to grow continually from strength to strength. They have been offering a very vast array of their products. The offer services that make them stand out in the industry pertaining to the wood flooring. Their product range has grown since they started their operations at an early stage. There has been no change in the values that are driving this business since its establishment. They offer highest standards of services to the customers of theirs. They always strive to remain in the cutting edge of the competition. They regularly have been adding the new collection to the existing range that they have. They pay utmost importance to the feedback that is provided by their customers to them. They are the providers of wood flooring who have many retailers and the contractors that have been in business with them since a long time all across the UK.

Heritage Flooring UK

Heritage Flooring UK are the the providers of the hard wood flooring to the UK markets. They are very much known to offer a feel of classic nature in their products. They are in the business which makes them specialize in the supply and the provision of the solid oak flooring. They are into the installation also of the solid wood flooring, and they also provide the restoration of the wooden floors that are existing in the homes and commercial places. They have collections known as the parquet and the marquetry flooring which makes them appeal to the people of the UK for one of the most elegant designs to be offered in the hard wood flooring. They keep in line the different collections called as the heritage, castle collection etc. in addition to the range of the products that have been mentioned before. They have a very classically appealing portfolio, which makes them advertise their product ranges in the oiled oak, waxed oak, lacquered oak, doors, stairs in wooden ranges etc, and many more to be mentions as a part of their very exquisite collection. They believe in the fact that when some guest enters the house of a person, the first thing that impresses him is a very classic and an appealing design to be offered in the hardwood flooring since the time the guest sets his first foot in the house. They enhance the feel and the comfort offered in the standard rooms by giving them a finishing touch with their exotic collection of the hardwood floors. They make a room to be warm, cozy and inviting by lavishing it their provisions in hardwood flooring.

They are the professionals at the sanding of the wooden floors. Alongside, they offer also the restoration services. They have restoration service that is so efficient that makes a restored floor stand out brilliantly. However, sanding of the wooden floors is a very small part o be offered in the restoration service, nevertheless, the results are marvelous and make the customers truly amazed.

Dijon Home and Flooring

They are into the business of the provision of the hard wood floors in the UK and the materials that they provide come from one of the most finest collection offered by Parador. They are of the belief that the solid wood floors are only the ideal to be considered for the flooring needs of any home because it provides the required highest classic comfort in the homes. The product lines that are offered by this provider depict elegant beauty and they are advertised in order to last for long term. They have some of the finest specimen in the hardwood floor to be offered to their customers in the UK. They offer a 25 year warranty on the products of theirs and also on the fitting of the hard wood floors that are installed by them. They have never faced a hindrance in the unique combination that is implemented by them which is the classic values and the modern technology. They offer Parador, which they feel is the first and the best choice that could be made by any person in the entire of UK who wants to install hardwood floor in his home.

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