Top UK Brands For Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is a product in the flooring industry that is used to fuse together in the process of lamination. It is multi layer as well as synthetic in nature. It gives a very photographic appearance. There is an inner core which is made up of a mesh of melamine. In order to give the process of installation of laminate flooring an ease, it is sometimes backed up with the help of the glue. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top brands in UK for the laminate flooring.

Natura flooring

It is one of the top brands in the UK which is the manufacturer of laminate, solid as well as flooring made up of the hardwood. The are known in order to offer a quality which is unbeatable in terms of their finishing in the laminate flooring as well as the prices are specifically made such that they are very easy to be affordable for the people of the UK. They have wide ranges to be provided for the laminate, wooden as well as the flooring of the type solid. They have top class engineered flooring designs. They have the products that are used for the construction of the homes and they are made from the finest qualities in the UK for homes by obtaining their raw materials from the nature's most exotic forests. They are made to recognized by the most of the people just by the looking at their designs and the quality of their finishing. They use into the construction a tough kind of a product called as the lacquer which can withstand any amount of pressure and hence known and advertised to take on the challenge in toughness that is offered by any of the homes. They have an immediate layer that is very spruce in its appearance and the jointing mechanism that is used by this brand is known to be strong and marvelous for construction of homes.


They are a multinational company in the sector related to the flooring in laminates in the UK as well as over the 100 other countries of the world. It is truly called as the leader in the flooring industry all over the world. It was founded in the year 1886. They sell laminate and vinyl floors and are also involved in their manufacturing. They also cater the requirements of the professionals and serve the markets for corporate offices as well. They are of the belief that the floors in laminates that they manufacture make a real contribution in the improvement of the lives in the UK. They are involved in the inspiration, motivation and the provision of comfort and confidence for all the floors in laminates to the homes of the UK.

Kahrs flooring

Kahrs is the brand manufacturer that is always considered for the construction of the homes in UK. It offers some of the finest qualities in the flooring related to the laminates. This brand is always known to have worked with the wooden materials to be used in the construction of the flooring materials. They have over a 150 years of serving the customers and the corporate offices in the UK for the flooring with the lamination needs during construction. They known to offer some of the finest qualities in flooring when the products are made from this brand. They have a strong hold and also the belief in their craftsmanship. This is the one of the very prime reasons that they are distinguished in comparison with the others when it comes to the artistic approach of the other brands that are associated with the flooring and the construction lines of businesses in the UK. They are of the belief that in order to make innovations is one of their greatest capabilities and hence they have been able to gain such a reputation in the market. They credit their innovators a lot when it comes to the success of this brand in the markets of the UK for the construction.


It is a steadily growing manufacturer in the UK for the laminate flooring. It has been rising in the markets of the UK making its steady progress in the businesses related to the laminate flooring. This manufacturing brand of the laminate flooring was found originally in the country of Austria in the year 1969, but it is heavily involved in its operations in the United Kingdom. It is a full range supplier that is related to the laminate flooring and its sub categories. They achieve something that is more from the traditional wood in the manufacturing of their laminates. They, as of today, have their operations that re present all over the world and they employ their employees which are huge in number, close to 5800 world wide.

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