Top Indian Brands For All Types Of Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in India for all types of flooring.

Decor World India

The company Decor World in India is established in the Indian capital of New Delhi. The company is famous in India specially because of its designs in the wallpapers and the flooring needs of the Indian homes as well as the commercial places. The company was incorporated in the year 1990. The company Decor World has established a very professional image amongst its clients and customers. The company is managed very efficiently. The mentor of the company is Mr. Lalit Kumar Arora. The company has seen a tremendous growth in the flooring needs in India and has achieved itself international standards while keeping in pace with some of the top most international brands in the flooring used for construction purposes and has at every stage of its growth tried to keep up with the trends in the market that have been set up internationally. The company is mainly into the business lines of the construction of the interior furnishing products and flooring sector to this company is not at all an exception. The company Decor World is run by a set of professionals who have expertise and knowledge regarding the various facets and the ongoing trends that are driven by the interior industry. The company has achieved its status due to the cumulative hard work that it has put up in the flooring needs and the dedication that it has displayed towards the emerging of one of the leaders in the flooring industry. They provide innovative and items that are quantitative to the flooring needs of the Indian homes.

Wood Floors India

It is a company in India for the flooring needs of the Indian market that is established under its parent company in flooring called as the Parquet Furnishers Pvt. Ltd. (PFPL). It has been exclusively into the business of the flooring sector during the construction of the homes and commercial places since the year as early as 1975. They are the introducer of the Paraquet flooring which is a world renowned brand in the Indian markets for the first time ever. The company has been through a series of development since the last three decades and has undergone a lot of gaining of skills and expertise while following the world leader parent company. It has been into the business of laying flooring in India for as huge number as 100 million sq. ft. of wooden floorings all over India. The company is into the construction and the development of the new product lines to be added to its exclusive range of collections. It has offered it clients the best in flooring needs on a timely basis and it cherishes its business on the assets which are defined by the trust as well as the goodwill in the Indian markets. It also enjoys the reputation in the markets of India to be the most technically sound company. They have their own teams in order for the installation of the wooden floors and they are behind the warranties of the products in flooring that are manufactured and advertised by them.


This company was was established in India in the year 1983. The founder who is also the visionary leader of this company happens to be Mr. Maharaj Padora. The company has set foot in the provision of benchmark in the quality pertaining to the flooring needs of the Indian markets. It has been well established in the Indian Home Furnishing industry. They have a commitment towards the dependability which are claimed in order to satisfy the needs for the quality as well as the aesthetics. They claim to be also the most professional company that is managed by its size of employees. They have an excellent market network all across the country of India and also the infrastructure required for the construction. They have an utmost priority that us defined by the customer satisfaction. They have clients in the form of the biggest hotels, banks as well as the corporates in India. They are well-equipped with the team of professional architects and interior decorators.

Walltracts India Pvt. Ltd.

This company, originally established in Sharjah as made its way to the Indian markets since the year 1978. They cater the wall furnishing, floor furnishing, etc. of the industries ranging from the hospitality, commercial, residential and the shopping complexes and multiplexes. The offices in India are located in the Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore. They get a hands on approach due to the capability of this company to carry out an entire project in-house. They are the followers of the strictest guidelines when it comes to quality and they address the individual design.

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