What Everything A Transportation Company Has To Offer?

Transportation business comes under tertiary sector. Tertiary sector is basically the service sector which helps primary and secondary sector of the economy by providing various services. It is an integral part for the smooth running of overall economy. And transportation industry is one of the service industries providing services to move goods as well as people from one place to other. Transportation is needed in every economy for the smooth running of various economic activities. Basically transport refers to a service that facilitates the physical movement of goods as well as persons from one place to other. It is an auxiliary to trade. It helps the industries in carrying raw material to the place of production and distributing the finished goods to the final consumers. There are various services that a transportation company can offer to cater the various needs of individuals as well as corporations.

Over dimension consignment:

A transportation company can offer over dimension consignment to cater different needs of customers as well as company?s requirements. These types of consignments are basically needed in heavy industries to carry machinery, bulk raw material to their places, and distributing finished products to the final consumers. But for including over dimension consignment service, you have to hire experts who can talk thoroughly to the companies to know exactly their requirements and work out a plan to meet their specific needs. For this transport company have to maintain various sizes of vehicles like open trucks, normal trucks, Taurus, normal trailers, Volvos, hippos, beavers etc. They should have the capacity of 200 metric tons and should be able to carry normal consignments as well as over dimensional consignments.

Car transportation:

Car transportation is also a service offered by the transportation company. Car transportation is used to move the cars from one location to other location. As car is a valuable asset and having a new car delivered at your place safely without any scratch is one of your concern area while purchasing cars. Transport Company can have fully covered car trailers which can pick and drop the cars anywhere in the world with proper safety. It provides complete safety in loading as well as in transit while moving it from one place to other, as car being the most prized possession of any individual.

Cargo warehousing:

Transport company can provide cargo warehousing and storage facility for storing goods for a specific period of time. For this you must have a large and spacious storage house well equipped with all the modern facilities for protecting goods. This service caters the industries needs that produce in bulk but don?t have storage facility to properly store their goods from various hazards.

Medical transportation:

Medical transportation service is provided by the transportation company for disabled and elderly individuals to provide easy access to medical services. It is also used for providing assistance for day to day tasks like going to grocery stores or any other moving work. Medical transportation also includes critical care transport services to quickly move patients from one medical centre to other with all the medical facilities they require in the transport vehicle itself.

Bulk transportation:

Bulk transportation is the service that is provided by the transport basically for big business houses which have the requirements of moving the goods in bulk. For that Transportation Company needs to have huge capital base. Because bulk transportation has to be specially designed to cater specific industry needs.

Tourist travel:

Transportation Company can provide cars, jeeps, and vans to households for their travelling due to any reason. It can be due to work related needs, recreational needs or any other specific purpose. company can also provide for driver facility. Basically in holiday?s season their demand is more because in holidays parents make programmes with their children to explore different places. And the persons who don?t have their own vehicle, Transport Company provide the comfort by lending cars to make them enjoy with their family.

Packers and movers service:

This service is provided by the transport company to the individuals who want to shift their home as well as office. Shifting can be within the same city or different city. Transport Company provides the facility of packing their precious goods like TV, furniture, kitchen appliances without the fear of any damage. Transport Company uses different boxes suitable for different articles to move them without any harm. They provide loading and unloading facility also. Goods are moved from one place to other with total safety and security. Many people are considering this service for relocation at doorsteps without any hassle.

Institutional transportation:

Institutional transportation refers to lending buses, vans, cabs to various institutes to cater their transportation needs. Nowadays most Companies provide cab facility to have their employees reach at company?s place. So without investing huge amount they can hire the cabs from the transportation company for their employees. Schools and colleges also provide transport facility to the students who don?t live nearby places. Transport Company can provide the transport facility on rent to these institutions and save them from the burden of investing huge amount in buses by providing the service at reasonable rates.

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