Top Australian Providers Of Hardwood Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top providers in Australia of the hardwood flooring.

Connollys Flooring

This provider of hardwood flooring for Australia understands that the customer have to go through a very tough time when it comes to the choosing of the material and the designs for the flooring requirements in the construction of their homes. Hence they are into the provision of some of the exquisite collection of the huge varieties of samples for the flooring. The showrooms that they have in the Australian city of Melbourne, in a suburb called as Coburg is open seven days a week so that they customers can pop into the showroom for any of the necessities in the hard wood flooring requirements of theirs. They also have employed some of the expert staff in oder to help the customers select the right kind of flooring needs from their hard wood flooring collections. They have these samples that are mounted on to the walls so that the customers can experience real touch and comfort of the hard wood flooring.

They have been in the industry since twenty three years and hence they have gained enough expertise to satisfy every single customer of theirs by their competitive ranges and assuring of the highest quality of flooring every time. The hard wood floors that they provide, give a feeling to be warm as well as enticing. They create such an environment through their designs that makes the ambiance calming as well as relaxing. They provide a commitment of a lifetime provided that appropriate care is taken care of when these hard wood floors are maintained by these customers. They provide the hard wood floors that are efficient compared to that of the other providers in flooring during construction.

Boral Timber

Boral timber is into the business of providing of the hard wood flooring for more than a century. They are one of the greatest and the largest providers that you can come across in Australia for the certified hardwood. They have a product range that is very wide. They showcase and provide structural flooring, decking, etc. They are constantly toggling their lines of businesses between the markets that are offered by the domestic and the export needs of their variety of customers. They have their hard wood floor products in the native Australian species of hard wood timber. They can be used for decorating, cladding and paneling. They offer a range of solid strip flooring. They also have the pre finished hard wood, engineering flooring etc. All the products that are offered by this Australian provider of hard wood come of great importance when you are into the construction of the new homes, commercial projects like the malls and corporate offices and also the renovation needs of the Australian homes and offices. All the products that are provided by this company are Australian Forestry Scheme (AFS) certified. Hence they are into the provision of the sustainable managed and the legal forestry products only.

A Borthwick & Son

The provider of Australian hard wood floors viz. The Borthwick Floors was established as a full time business since the year 1948. They are operative in the two Australian states of Queensland and Victoria. They are the specialists in the sales as well as the installation of the hard wood floors. They also have to offer strip wood floors, stain wood floors and much more in their product range. They claim that choosing a product in the hard wood floor that they offer have a number of benefits and advantages over the other providers of hard wood floors in Australia. They advertise their hard wood floors to be modern as well as stylish. The contemporary look of the any of the products that they provide is supposed to last for a lifetime. They have a class of their own when it comes to the durability that is offered by the hard wood floors of theirs. Their products stands up in the most of the worst case scenarios including the toughest conditions that are depicted by the weather.

Hardwood Floors Queensland

They claim to achieve the vision of any of the Australian homes located in the state of Queensland to install the hard wood floors and make their esteemed vision a reality. HFQ wood for hardwood flooring is of the highest quality. It will stand out as just like a centrepeice in the homes in which it is installed. They do not have salesmen in their demonstration and showroom centers. Instead, the customers are made to deal with the experts who install them directly. They have experience rich craftsmen to serve the needs of hard wood flooring market in Australia.

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