Top Australian Brands For Laminate Flooring


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top Australian brands in the laminate flooring business.

Inovar floor

This is a brand operative in the country of Australia that has its line of business in the laminate flooring. They constantly take challenges that are faced from the requirements of their customers. They have been at the forefront in the competition for the markets that are provided by Australia. They bring in the latest in the design and the trends that are provided by the laminate flooring. They reflect their creativity in the construction of the laminate flooring and introduce to the market, the latest design trends. They have a wide range of products to be offered in the laminate flooring. They have a distinctive feature in the design of the laminate flooring that they manufacture in Australia. They have the realistic surface finishes and also the laminates are designed to be safe from water and have sealed edges to maintain their quality over a period of time. They are very much passionate when it comes to the quality of the products that they have to offer. They are the innovators in the various construction of the laminate floorings that have been successfully been able to set the benchmark in the industry. They have a undue passion towards the offering of their products. They not only meet, but actually surpass the standards when the customers find a range of the innovative designs that they have imagined, it is put to display in front of them. They have one of the most leading warranties in the market for the laminate floorings that they have to offer. This shows a display of their commitment towards the customer satisfaction and the leading industry design challenges.

Armstrong flooring

It is one of the global leaders when it comes to the laminate flooring. It has markets in Australia/ New Zealand as well as the entire world. They are onto the design as well as the manufacturing of the floors dealing with the laminated construction. They have standards in their design that are focused towards the innovation, design as well as the sustainability of the environment. The 2008 statistics reveal that the sales of this corporation in the financial year for the laminate flooring consisted of as much as US $ 2.8 billion. It is so huge that it has plants to operate under it and it is present in 35 different countries of this world. It employs around 10000 employees on a rough scale. The portfolio of this company in the construction of the laminate flooring for the residential as well as the commercial customers is quite an extensive one. The company itself operates under the different brand names like the Armstrong, Bruce, Robbins, etc. The company is also into the global sound and systems for the suspension for the targeting of 90 per cent of its markets. It caters the various industrial needs of the laminate flooring like the health care, retail, education, etc. However, only 10 per cent of the marketsw for this company in the laminate flooring is offered by the residential customers of the country of Australia. The company was established in the age old days of the year 1960. Hence, this year, in 2010, it celebrated its 150th anniversary since the establishment.


Formica is one of the top most brands in the country of Australia that are involved in the construction of the high gloss surface laminate flooring. They offer a stylish new range of the laminate products in the flooring industry. They are involved into the manufacturing of the high pressure laminates that can withstand damage against pressure and hence provide quality that is to last for years. They help you make your interiors stand out to be very shiny and the interiors that are decorated with this brand in Australian laminate flooring simply appear to be very outstanding. This brand has created a whole new range of design that is possible in the laminate flooring industry. They have now, over 170 colors that are to be offered and to be chosen from for the home owners and the commercial customers to choose from. They have a collection of the laminate flooring that is mainly advertised to feature the latest colors that are modern in their appearance. They have a finishing in the laminate flooring product of theirs that are glossy and they help in the creation of the fully integrated and looks that are fashionable and that too at the prices that are very much affordable in Australia. They have a product range in the LPM panels of theirs that can unveil high standards of their design as well as the look of the gloss.

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