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Corporate gifts include any gift item given by an organisation to its existing clients, potential clients or employees as a gesture of thankfulness, to attract them towards the business or a souvenir of hard work respectively. A corporate gift has a wide portfolio and can range from a flower bouquet, greeting cards, pen set, chocolates and certificate to a digital diary, laptop, calculator, mobile phone, etc. The choice of a corporate gift is entirely a choice of the people responsible in an organisation for the same after considering factors like the occasion, budget, suitability, availability, etc. These days, several people have entered into the business of selling corporate gifts that are unique in their own way. Some examples of unique corporate gifts include ? a painted story of an individual from the day of joining the organisation till his last day that can be presented on retirement; a cracked filled with company?s promotional material can be distributed at a corporate event, etc. Most organisations prefer to shop for corporate gifts either from a nearby retailer or online. Here is a list of top retailers of corporate gift items based in the United Kingdom (UK).

ProAd business Gift located in Morpeth, UK, is a leading supplier of corporate gifts including promotional gifts with the business name printed on the gift items. The gifts range includes key rings, pens, lanyards, etc. ProAd business gifts believe in providing quality products at reasonable prices. Normally corporate gift items are purchased by corporates in bulk. Thus ProAd offers attractive discounts and schemes to retain the existing customers and attract new ones.

If you want to give away chocolates as corporate gift items then one of the best places to shop for the same in the UK is My Little Wrapper located in Soham. This store provides a specialised service of printing your personalised message on the wrapper of the chocolates at reasonable prices. The owner of the store, Linda Baulk believes that no order is too small that one loses its importance and no order is too big that one ignores the others. My Little Wrapper offers chocolates ranging from small packages of ten grams to bigger ones. The designer packaging with personalised messages makes the customers base strong for this retailer. My Little Wrapper has something to offer to all owing to the huge variety and dedication of the team.

Silver Lane Designs owned by Claire Bowen is another famous retailer of corporate gifts located in Ulverston, UK. Silver lane designs offer a wide range of corporate greeting cards and gift items for various special occasions. Some of the varieties of gift cards include handmade greeting cards, greeting cards with originally clicked photographs by Simon Hathaway, etc. The gift items are so diverse that budget will never be a constraint for the customer. Silver Lane Designs offers something for all.

The retail outlet of Hara Media in Nottingham, UK is another famous hub for shopping of corporate gift items. Mainly specialising in butterfly images, this retail outlet is one of its kind. Another retail outlet in Nottingham is of Recognition Express. The main areas served include Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. The gift items include a wide variety of options like name badges, corporate clothing, personalised pens, etc. Recognition Express has a number of loyal clients in its portfolio who are more than satisfied with the services of this outlet and are repetitively placing orders with the same from time to time.

Classic Crackers located in Taunton, UK, is another famous retailer serving various corporates around Taunton. It came in to existence in the year 2004, and has never looked back since then. This outlet offers a wide range of gift crackers to choose from. The crackers can be crammed with corporate promotional material, usable item, etc. of the choice of the presenter. Classic Crackers has a list of loyal corporate customers including blue chip companies, local hotels, restaurants, etc. This outlet offers the service of filling in the crackers with your material or sending the crackers with one end open to you to do the rest of the job with a leaflet of instructions on how to go about it.

Another top retailer of corporate gifts is WM Gifts, based in West hill, Aberdeenshire, UK. Corporate gifts are generally distributed in bulk during corporate events and thus involved a huge expenditure. WM gifts offer a cost effective way to distribute corporate gifts. You can buy the gift item of your choice in bulk and get the company logo and other details printed on the same from WM Gifts. WM Gifts has been offering its products and services since the year 2003, and has become a favourite amongst many corporates owing to the competitive rates and astounding quality offered.

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