Top Bathroom And Kitchen Furniture Providers In United States (USA)


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top bathroom and kitchen furniture providers in US.

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn is the provider of the bathroom and the kitchen furniture that began in the year 1949. It all started with a single store in the lower Manhattan. It has the basic idea that the furnishings that are done inside the bathroom should be such that they depict an excellent quality in the design as well as provide comfort with an elegance that is offered by the different styles. They have the in house designer and they work upon the inspiration that is drawn from the models that have been time honored in the entire of America and the rest of the world. They create the collections in their bathroom furniture that provide an excellent value. The products in the bathroom furniture that are produced by the Pottery Barn brand are very exclusive. They are at display at several of the retail stores, and their catalogs are also present in the malls and online as well.

They have a collection of PBteen that is a collection of the hip furniture and accessories that are made after targeting the market that is offered by only a set of people belonging to a certain age group. They offer bathroom furniture and the various innovative accessories for the same. The associates of the Pottery Barn are associated with the customer in order to connect to them and be dedicated towards the provision of the service which depicts outstanding level as well as assistance to be offered based upon the knowledge that they have in the market for bathroom furniture.

Gourmet d?cor store

This is a provider for the furniture related to the kitchen needs like the bakers? racks, kitchen carts, wine bottle racks, dining tables, dining chairs, and a variety of others. It is a privately held company. The produce the kitchen furniture in such styles and shapes that you can optimize the space that is available for fitting in all the accessories. They leave space in the kitchen so that you can have enough area in order to maintain the required level of cleanliness in the kitchen. They design storage units in the form of trays, shelves and also the cabinets. Their furniture is usually made up of wood, glass and steel.

Bathroom storage

This is a provider of the bathroom furniture in the US who has an understanding that the bathroom is the most visited and frequently visited part of the bathroom. Hence there should never be a compromise on the furnishing that is done for the bathroom. They offer the bathrooms with the different sizes and designs in the furniture. From small and simple to huge and extravagant, all kinds of bathroom furniture are available. They make your bathroom presentable by making use of the different materials that will enhance the look of your bathroom.

They maximize the space available I the bathroom if case the floor area in their customer?s bathroom is small. They manufacture the furniture with the specific needs of avoiding the mix-up of the various items in the bathroom kept of the different family members staying in the house. If the bathroom store area is of a limited nature, then they suggest ordering for the corner table in the bathroom. Or the shelves that are mounted high on to the walls. This is done in order to not to cause the reduction in the walking space inside the bathroom.

eKitchen tables

It is the premium provider of the decorative cabinet that forms the furniture for the kitchen in the homes of the United States. This provider provides an assistance so as to avoid the complicated nature of the choosing of kitchen cabinets. They provide a long lasting value in their products. The customers are encouraged and attracted to buy from this provider of kitchen furniture due to the skill set and the artistic craftsmanship that is offered and the minute attention that is paid to each and every detail in the products that is sold by this brand. They provide a range of styling, from the traditional to the contemporary. The cabinet that they sell is work of art as seen by the customers who are into the admiration of this provider. At this provider, you will find an exceptional quality in the kitchen furniture owing to the top quality of the materials that they use while they employing the workers for handmade manufacturing of the kitchen furniture. This is a privately owned company in the US that has a sense of pride in its superior quality as compared to the other brands as well as their products and services which can be entirely depended upon by their customers.

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