Top Bathroom And Kitchen Furniture Providers In United Kingdom(UK)


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top bathroom and kitchen furniture providers in UK.

Kit Stone Interiors and Gardens

This provider of furniture related to the kitchen in UK famous and has been operative for quite a long time. They are proud to present the interior and the kitchen related furniture in the various collections that they have. It is located in the Dorchester suburb in the UK and they center on some of their stunning presentations in their kitchen furniture factories. The fitted designs of this provider are classic in their appearance. The furniture is also made by hand without the usage of machine for their carpentry. They may also be painted with hands which give them an extraordinary look. The kitchen dressers that they have might also enhance the kitchens throughout the country of UK. They make perfectness in their kitchen furniture to be used for the dining and the living purposes.

They offer a wide range of furniture that has been painted. In order to be specific in the name for their market, they offer painted tables and chairs which are amongst the most common form of furniture used in the kitchen for dining. They have different kinds of chairs, viz. wooden chairs, linen chairs and loom chairs. They have round as well as the rectangular tables for the dining furniture in the kitchen. They use either solid oak or the hand painted tables. They also make the other types of furniture for the kitchen apart from their usual line of business. They make cases for kitchen books, cupboards, drawers etc. for your kitchen furnishing.

Net furniture

They offer furniture for the kitchen, table sets for the breakfast, exhibition tables, buffet tables etc. and a wide variety of furniture in their kitchen section range. They offer styles that are cozy and never that flashy to reject their designs in kitchen furniture. The provide luxury in each of their collections. They offer intimate charm. Their furniture for kitchen offers the qualities of being elegant, yet being simple and elegant. They draw their inspiration in the design from the moods that used to be present in the older parts of the English suburbs. They keep on trying out the new ideas for their innovations and also renew their designs periodically to offer something different. They are the complete knowledge gainers in the field of modern comfort. They have adapted their designs for kitchen furniture such that they can suit the needs of today. Yet, they give an appearance such that they exist since a long amount of time. Kit stone is not about the trends set on the momentary basis. They offer elegant interiors and quintessential features in their products.

Paramount bathrooms

This provider of the bathroom furniture in the UK is a firm believer that they have a set of biggest choices to be offered in the quality coupled with the best prices in the market for the bathroom furniture that they provide. They offer different size and shape to choose from and hence they believe that there is no need t buy the bathroom furniture in UK without considering the products from this provider. The greatest example that depicts that they keep things simple is that they have just 2 price groups no matter what product that you consider in the bathroom furniture. That product is bound to fall into wither of the categories. The different groups are for low price (group 1) and group 2 has modern and fashionable designs. In group 1, they have the laminated as well as the vinyl wrapped doors. In group 2 they have beautiful doors that are finished with acrylic. This also includes the hand painted doors.

Nearly all the furniture available is such that they will be available in the matching colors. The doors and the drawers are fully tested and have passed the standards for the strength that the offer against getting loosens up. Hence the bathroom furniture is fully rigid.

Bella Bathrooms

This provider of bathroom furniture was started by James Chapman five years ago in the year 2005. James and Graeme Feeney started together as partners since they had a close association of working together as plumbers. The price tag is not that important to this provider as compared to the quality and customer satisfaction that they hey from provision of the products in bathroom furniture to the customers in UK. They keep with the trends and innovations that currently drive the UK markets for bathroom furniture. Nevertheless, they provide a great range of choice in the products that they offer throughout UK. The quality offering is high because this provider has belief that even a low cost bathroom can make a fantastic appearance if they fit the quality standards.

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