Top USA Brands For Children Furniture


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various brands in the US that exist for Children Furniture

Pottery Barn Kids

This brand that offers the furniture for kids is inspired by the imagination. Each of the generations that have been passed by this brand, they have tried to include some of the most exclusive collections in their offerings in the furniture for children. However, they have passed on the rich and the varied heritage of being comfortable while sleeping for the children in the furniture that are manufactured by this brand. It is the part of the family of Corporate named as the Williams Sonoma Inc. hey has some of the affiliations with the other brands like the PBteen, and West Elm.

The brand was launched with its first official catalogue in the year 1999. Hey initially got an enthusiastic response from the customers of theirs. This led to the further business in the very next year. They also have business operated not only in the US but in Canada as well. They currently own the stores which are till date 90 in number throughout the US as well as Canada.

The furniture that is made by this brand for children is well designed and aesthetic. They craft their materials in the furniture design for kids with an expertly made materials that re finest in nature. They also have a careful regards for the standards that are followed in the industry for the safety of the children.

Berg Furniture

This brand is operated since the year 1984. They first launched the Rainbow collection as the introductory collection of this brand. They are known to produce the furniture for the kids that are modern, sleek as well as modular in their designs. They also sell at a price tag that is affordable by every family. The original sales market for this brand was restricted to the city of New York. The innovative style of their caught the attention from the various parents living in the US so and the brand kicked off its road to fame from there onwards. There was beginning of the growth in the sales market of theirs and the company expanded from then onwards. There more furniture lines that were added. They have the distribution facilities that were newly added comparatively in the states of Florida and Illinois.

In the year 1990, the Berg Furniture brand was able to outgrow its location. This happened in the Passaic, New Jersey. From there, they moved all the operations to the Hillside, New Jersey. There was huge diversification of this brand of furniture that happened during that time. Hence there was an utter need in order to expand the production lines. In 1995, the decision of this brand was to concentrate and specialize in the markets pertaining to the children?s furniture. Hence they had to drop all the other projects that were not related to the children?s furniture. Since then, they started the creation of the new as well as the interesting products in the furniture ranges. The items that were introduced by them are used in order to save the space. There was an initiation of the new color programs. There was more of the emphasis that was laid on the new items in the quality, practicality, functionality etc. The color options were considered again and there was a reconsideration of the diversity of the materials.

Angel furniture

Angel Line is the distributor of the furniture for the children. It is located in the NJ, USA. They have a large space in their warehouse, as advertised; they have nearly 20000 sq. ft. of space in their warehouses. They have been offering some of the most exclusive furniture sets for the children. Their products are known to be long lasting. They offer children furniture like the changing tables, children?s rockers, cradles, and also the beds for the toddlers. They strictly follow the US safety standards for the juvenile products that are manufactured.


This brand offer Baby Furniture to all the parts of the USA. Their business in the furniture for the children?s furniture is known to run all over the US with being highly reputed in terms of their standards. They sell their product range to the specialty stores and also the stores which sell the furniture in general. Their brand is not only famous in the US, but also in the Hawaii and Puerto Rico. They have a wide variety of children?s furniture that is to be offered to the infants as well as the teens. They create innovations in the industry, and their designs are known to be fresh and vibrant.

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