Top UK Brands For Children Furniture


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various brands in the UK that exist for the children furniture.

Lanka Kade

This brand was stated in the year 2004. It was started with the aim to sell furniture for children that is with high quality. They also sell toys and accessories. They have a customer service that is reliable. It is run by a duo of the husband as well as the wife is involved in the partnership. It is based in the Totten suburb in the edge of the New Forest in the state of the United Kingdom. This brand is genuinely passionate and they are excited of the different products for the kids in order to bring in the innovations. They have a ware house that has an ever expanding range of products to be sold. They look for the quality and durability to be offered in their products. They believe that the children can treasure their products as well as pass them on for the generations to come.

They use the materials in their furniture that is of high quality and long lasting. They believe in the not altering of the ecological system when the manufacturing process is made. Hence they mostly use replenishable wood products. They make their products well; they want satisfaction in the manufacturing of the value products when the customers buy them. They are willing to help the customers with any of their enquiries and can recommend them any of the children furniture based upon the activity description of their kids.


The Galipette is the brand name in the UK that is manufacturing the children furniture. It is synonymous with the precision engineering. They use high quality of materials. They are the innovators in the design of the children furniture. They have an exclusive collection of the cots and the nursery furniture. They offer versatility, adaptability, style in their furniture for the children and also the design which is fantastic in appearance and future proof. Their products are useable for many years to come.

They have user stylish furniture for the children and the perfect nursery sets amongst their indigenous collection. They make the cots which are stand alone and stunning, as well as the storage units, innovative in their wardrobe designs the cots offered by them are convertible that transforms as the children grow. They have functional storage units that are free standing. The desks manufactured by them are specifically designed for the adjustment in their heights considering the fact that the children grow up and need more space.

They comply with the regulations in the UK when the manufacturing of their children?s furniture is being done. They also meet the safety standards. Their collection is exclusive and they claim that their products are the ones that must be tried by the parents who want to keep their children happy and cheerful.


The basic aim and the mission of this brand are never changed. It simply is to make the well-designed furniture for the kids. Their designs are supposed to look good and be there with your dear child for years to come. This brand was established in the year 2002. They established this brand with the requirement in the UK to make available the beds for children that are not only designed well, but also of the good make. They have furniture for the children of yours from cheap ranges to mealy prices and also the high end ranges are to be offered.

They are into the business of making some of the quality to be offered in their furniture for many years. They know a lot about children furniture designs. They have a factory that is located in the Wilshire County of the UK. The factory is used in order to make some of the furniture that is classified under the premium range. They have some of the standards that are followed in the manufacturing and they do not compromise on their standards.

Kidz Dens

This brand of children furniture has an ever expanding range to be offered in the products. They bring all the needs of the children in terms of the furniture together. They offer playroom furniture for the kids and the teens as well. They are also in the anticipation of starting to produce the furniture for the youth generation. They manufacture accessories as well. This brand brings along the parents as well as the students. They have a good range of the products to be offered. They provide a service for the children furniture that is quite comprehensive. The room collections in the furniture are considered and made according to the needs of the children.

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