Top USA Brands For Baby Bedding


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top brands that exist in the US for the bedding that is used for the babies.

Lambs & Ivy

Lambs & Ivy is proud to manufacture the bedding of the highest quality. Apart from its usual line of business, it manufactures accessories and gifts as well. This brand in the baby bedding is very much in accordance with the reputation in the industry that is related to the manufacturing of the unique and the innovative products. They are into the design as well as the creation of a safe as well as the loving colors in the fantasy as well as the comfort and the wonder for each child in the bedding related to the clothing.

For more than 30 years, they are dedicated in this line of manufacturing. They are in constant track of the trends that are changing and it is in the coordination that suits the tastes of the parents of the babies in the baby furniture of bedding for babies. They understand that the parents put hearts and soul in whatever they create for the babies. They are the professionals who supply the expertise to deliver the babies style and the quality that they require and deserve.

They are unique in the sense of combination of designs that are contemporary along with the old fashioned skill sets of workmanship, personal service. They pay a very close attention to detail and that has been their strong point to be establishing a hold in the market for baby bedding.


Bananafish brand in the baby bedding was established in the stages as early as 15 years ago. The brand Bananafish has since then established as the leading manufacturer of the bedding for the infants and also the nursery sector. They have recently set their foot into the business related to the global designing of the resources. They are the ones who cause the innovations by introducing the latest in the trends and also the styles and designs offered in the various product lines of theirs. But they have always maintained a collection that is balanced in terms of the styles and the trends in the product lines of theirs. Their designs appeal to both the traditional as well as the tastes that are contemporary.

They bring in together the comfort, luxury as well as quality. They are dedicated in the supply that is related to the products in the nursery section that provide a delightful and enchanting experience.

Brandee Danielle

They are the leading manufacturing of the decors related to the nursery and also the crib sets. They are the believer that the most expensive set is not always the best one in the market. They offer the quality as well as the price that is offered by them is quite reasonable. They provide everything that is related to the basics in the baby bedding. They are the providers of the most important elements in the making of the beds that are related to the nursery of the babies. They provide everything, that is, the quilt, bumper, sheets, and also the dust ruffle. Most of the items that are offered by the brands are such that they give a very decorative appearance in order to give an outlook to the crib in which the baby is present.

Their styles vary significantly in the various collections that are launched every year. Hence every year, you will find different designs in the various collections. Their designs are such that they give a very finished look to the baby?s crib.

Kids Line

Kids Line brand was founded in the year 1987. Since its establishment, it is quickly gained popularity and became the leading provider of the bedding for the infants. It also provides accessories for baby bedding all over the United States. This brand has a unique understanding of the needs of the parents in the provision of the comfort for their babies. This brand provides a wide range of the comfort that provides a nesting parent all the facilities such that they can create a heaven for the new born baby. It has a self-commitment in order to provide the parents with the top in the quality, design as well as the value. It continues to lead the markets in the US for the room d?cor of the kids and the related bedding that is associated with it. They bring in the growing families the comfort because of the fabrics that they use. They have the widest range of collections ranging from the traditional to the contemporary and the materials that they use are the softest cuddliest blends to the organic cottons.

Retailers of Bedding

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