Top Australian Brands For Baby Bedding


In this guide, we are going to have a detailed look at the various brands that are offered in Australia in the bedding for the babies.


The brand of Bambury was launched in the country of Australia in the year 1994. Since these days, it has gained a lot of popularity amongst the parents in Australia and grown steadily as a manufacturing company for the bedding for the babies. It currently boasts that it has collection of more than three thousand products for the bedding of the babies that is sold all over the world. There are as good as six classes of ranges that cover an exclusive range of lifestyle products for the babies in their bedding requirement. The market for a brand like this is offered by those persons or couples that are soon going to experience the magical world of parenthood. The designs that this brand has to offer to the market have a collection that is able to reflect the practical as well as the style oriented displays of affection in their prints. This is what the customers in the market demand, says their study in the market research that they have conducted recently.

This brand has learnt a lot from the arts and culture that is taught in the Australian continent and hence it owes a lot to the same. It pays tribute to whatever it has learnt from and is very much committed to the Australian art as well as culture. This is the reason that the in house design team of this brand is successfully able to come up with the products that always allow them to come forward and rise on a platform in baby bedding.

Bubba Blue

Bubba Blue is a well-established brand in the world of baby bedding. But in history, this was just a clothing company that was established in the Abbotsford suburb in a very shabby textile factory. In the beginning, they had only one item that the used to manufacture as well as sell and that is, velour baby blankets. Since those times, this brand claims that they have never looked back. In these days, they are enjoying a very good reputation in the market and are considered with a tag line of that of a brand. They claim to have never looked back since their small level of establishment a few years ago. They now manufacture a full range of baby bedding as well as their business lines are spread to the offering of the everyday basics range for the babies. This brand can be found in the leading departmental stores in the country of Australia as well as New Zealand. They are also must needed to be seen in majority of the baby boutiques.

KAS kids Australia

They owe all the credit to the support and the publicity that they have gained till now from their customers. They have their collections in the baby bedding and clothing that are launched on an annual basis. They are very much seen to be confident about their products and they consider that the items that are sold of this brand will not only be delightful experience for the babies, but also continue to be a source of inspiration for the ones who are experiencing parenthood in their lives. They do and make believe to the customers that the brand that they have in baby bedding is very much superior in quality as compared to most of the other brands that are offered in the market in the similar product lines.

It is the premier manufacturer and the designer of the soft furnishings that are coordinated in the entire country of Australia. It is established in the year 1976. It is located in the city of Sydney and that too in a place which is the hub of the fashion and design. The reputation and excellence that it has been able to produce in the city of Sydney is considered as an expression of the creativity and design. They draw the talented designers from the entire face of the world.

Hiccups Babies

Hiccups Babies brand is a specialist in the baby furniture that is pertaining to the baby bedding. They reflect the playful outlook. They have a very contemporary lifestyle product range. It is a leader in the design trends. The brand includes the bedding for babies and also other care related products for the babies. The company employs a number of techniques in the manufacturing process that are modern. Their designs are very casual and fresh in appearance. It has a lot of dedication towards the customer care since its establishment which is one of the primary reasons for its success as a brand.

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