How To Start Manufacturing Beds In India?


You can start a business in India where you can manufacture and sell your own furniture such as a bed. You can either go for manufacturing only or you can also take up all the three aspects of goods, i.e. manufacturing, designing and selling through various distributors of furniture. You need to have a careful planning when you start a business in manufacturing of beds. It doesn?t matter how well off your business model is considered to be. You need to employ various risk management tactics and techniques and experts for the same. This is because, in the manufacturing sector, there is a lot of risk regarding workers? health or the injuries, defects in your manufacturing and machine damages. In this guide, we are going to make a detailed study as to how to start with a manufacturing business of beds to be sold in India.

Equipment research

You need to research on the equipment in detail. You need to acquire all the info about the price of purchase, maintenance costs involved, the advantages and disadvantages if different technologies that you might take up eventually and the skills sets in the market that are required in order to operate those equipment. You need to check whether you have fulfilled all the requirements regarding installation, and which vendors in the market that you want to buy the manufacturing equipment from so that you can optimize your costs.

Market overview

There is a huge investment that is involved from the manufacturing business belonging to all the models of the furniture like beds in the entire world. It is necessary to study as to be there any scope of establishing a bed manufacturing business when there is so much competition in the market for the selling of beds in India and when that too different models of beds are already into existence in the market. It is first needed to find out as to how big be the market for different models of beds. Big companies invest big amounts of capital for manufacturing furniture and bed manufacturing is just a small sector in the entire process of manufacturing that is involved. As a small player just beginning manufacturing of beds business, the market is merely too small to be operative in full flow. Only then there can be a scope of demand for beds for various areas of the house. There needs to be a feasibility study as to how can a bed manufacturing business operates in the given market. Beds for living and master bedrooms have become part and parcel of daily life and have become basic necessity on a daily basis for the activities like sleeping, taking rest, luxury, passing time etc.

Business plan

Every business must be established with a well-defined and destined plan and same follows for bed manufacturing business. Start writing a business plan in detail as to how will you go about manufacturing and how to market your product directly to the customers or to the distributors who are a channel between the manufacturers and the customers who ultimately are going to make a demand for your beds. You need to be well off in the areas pertaining to the forecasting, capital gaining, costs involved in the operations as well as the revenues that you obtain annually in order to keep your business going so that you can cross the breakeven point and start making profits.

Follow the other manufacturing businesses

First of all, you will need to register your company name and file for a tax ID. Then you need to study from an existing manufacturing business of furniture and beds about its experience of sales and growth opportunities in a certain areas about the interests of people for buying beds for their homes based upon what their standard of living is. In this way, you will get an idea about what models of beds are in greater demand and hence you should go about manufacturing the same.

Obtain the supply of materials required

Gather as many of raw materials of different qualities in the market as it is possible for your business? budget so that you can go about the manufacturing beds of the different price ranges. You have to also keep different accessories like spare parts, performance enhancers for machines like greases, stand for beds, covers, packaging materials etc. Contact the dealers and distributors of the raw materials from the various companies for the same. Check for any contract details while dealing with the raw materials in order to manufacture different models and companies to be contacted for the same. You need to obtain clearance for the electrical requirements for setting up a factory, special zoning requirements, etc.

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