What Are Divan Beds And Where To Purchase Them In India?


A divan bed is furniture used for sitting which more or less can be described like that to be of a couch type. It originated from the middles east specially from the Turkish and the Persian origin. It is a long seat that is formed of a mattress laid on a wooden solid frame that lies against the side of any room. It can be installed on a floor, raised structure like a platform, and it has a set of cushions so that you can lay on it, mostly you have to lay sideward.

The name for this kind of furniture was derived from Middle East since these special kinds of beds were installed for resting purposes in the bureau of the shehenshahs of the middles eastern 17th century. The word divan literally translates into Persian as the government council or an office and the chambers. Divan was a common feature then in the later 18th century mostly in the Middle East and also some parts of India. The English adopted divan to be more like a couch in the later 18th century and since then they have gained popularity in the western world.

In European countries, the divan is mostly taken in the meaning as a couch It is fashionable and serves a general purpose utility for the homes in which they are installed. As a matter of fact, it was a great sense of fashion from the years 1820 to 185 in the parts of Europe especially in the literature. All the chambers in that era were decorated with a furniture type like that of a divan bed. They also made their ways to coffee houses and as you might as well recall, divan beds are used commonly in these days in the places which serve hookahs since they are comfortable to lie on them and enjoy a moment with a hookah.

In the later section of this guide, we shall see as to where to find the divan beds in order to make a purchase of them.

Furniture stores in the shopping malls

When you want to buy the divan beds, you need to have a look at the different stores which you can find in order to sell the divans. You can start your search by entering the malls in which you can find divan beds furniture stores. When you go for buying divan bed, you need to experience so that you can feel the comfort as much as possible. Make it a point not only to lie on the carpet, but also that you sit and sleep in the different positions in the divan bed no matter how much trials that you require. This is so that you can get the estimate if you are having the same feel of comfort that you require your divan bed to give you. If not, you can always ask the shop owner or the sales man in order to show you some different model for a divan so that you can choose one according you your criterion.

Newspaper ads

Consider following up on the several ads in a local newspaper that are given by the local furniture stores which is available in your area for your needs for you instead of looking out for the sellers of the divan beds all by yourself which is time consuming.


You must have seen the various exhibitions that are set up for the display and selling of the furniture items. You need to pay a close attention in order to find any furniture set resembling to a divan bed so that you can consider shopping for it. Hence it is necessary to attend various home d?cor exhibitions so that you get an opportunity to look for a divan bed and look for it with some hands on towards it for trying out.

Old stock dealers/ auctions

Go for the auctions of the various home items in the various homes and the service organizations like that of an old age home that are related to the selling of furniture motives. Make new areas of markets open for yourself and consider going for them. It is very necessary to understand that you should not be too specific in your search for a divan bed since they are very available in a very few places and also you might miss on a great deal if you try to match every divan bed that crosses your eyes according to your criterion. You should be willing to visit places like auctions and open to considering buying of old stock of divans which might offer you a classically made divan that offers you great utility.

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