What Is Bedding And Which International Brands To Consider To Buy A Good Bedding


The word ?bedding? refers to the materials that are laid above the mattresses on the beds. They provide the decorative effect to the mattresses and also provide with the warmth that is necessary for a good night?s sleep. Note that bedding does not include the mattress, bed frames, etc. The bedding sizes are made to be bigger than what is required to cover exactly the size of the beds. The sizes of the beds vary in different parts of the world and they may be different in different countries. Accordingly, the sizes of the beddings are sold differently. The standards followed in the different regions for the bedding also differ significantly. Also, the mattresses that are laid on to the frames of the beds have varied levels of thicknesses. Hence when the design and manufacturing of the bedding is made, it is in accordance with the mattresses that lie beneath it. There are these duvet covers along with the fitted sheets that are designed with the individual specs so that they can form the components of a complete bed.

Everything needs to be present as per the appropriate dimensions. There should also not be an excessive overhanding from the mattresses on to the floor. The worse condition is when the bedding is too small to even cover the entire mattress. Hence you should be aware of the standards when you want to buy the different bedding.

Bedding is also made from a set of materials that come in different variety. These include cotton, satin, polyester etc. and are to be chosen according to the needs of the comfort for the different people. The most comfort offering bedding materials are known to be wool and latex. In the further part of this guide, we shall have a look at the different bedding materials and the international brands to consider in order making a purchase of them.

JoJo Designs

It was founded in the year 2000. It is operated by the women who claim that they are in the understanding if the things that are required in order to make a complete bed as required by the housewives. They have designs, styles and colors that depict fun, playfulness, cheerful and also very much affordable set of bedding. They do not ever compromise on the sophistication as well as the simplicity. They have mostly to offer 9 complete piece sets. They have the largest bedding requirements in the bedding industry as offered by any of the bedding manufacturers. They have different collections which are called as the Crib, Toddler, etc.

Alexandre Turpault

It is founded more than a century ago and is a French brand. It was founded in the year 1847 by a designer called as Alexander Turpin. The location of establishment was Cholet. It combined the weaving of a different kind of materials that are flax, mixed etc. with a clothing factory in the textile industry. It is mostly recognized for the quality that it offers using the designs of theirs. This brand is famous all over the Europe and is one of the primary players when it comes to the products in the luxury markets. This brand is recognized at the Universal exhibitions in Paris. The brand is recognized all over the world for it linens which are very exclusive.


This brand believes in playing with the imagination and the freedom that is offered in the choosing of the different colors. They create collections that can be in demand to dress up any bed in any of the exotic homes. They put emotions in the bedding designs that are created. The ideas of this brand in designing of the bedding is claimed to be very sensual as well as charismatic and intriguing. They offer cheerfulness and vitality in their products that makes them stand in the world for deep and colorful designs. There is a lot to be explored in the collections offered by Bassetti. They make designs to suit any lifestyle and character.

Anne de Solene

This brand is very famous from the city of Paris. It was created by duo named Baron and his wife. It was however started in the town called as Les Vosges in the county of France. This place in history recognized for its art and skills in manufacturing luxurious bed linens. They offer creativity, quality and excellence and these are the factors that have not changed in this brand since its establishment. They have a long tradition that causes the invoking the innovation in the textile and design industry. They use perfect fabrics, sharpness in color and they finish with elegancy.

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